Friday, April 16, 2010

free hair cut!

Hairstylist student: Christopher L.

Where: Toni and Guy KL (nearby giant McD)
When: Tuesday, 20th April 2010
Time: 11am or 3pm

Hair requirements: Natural hair, not rebonded or permed or too layered.

The only mode of hair cut is shoulder length.

I can’t go for this as I’m doing a hair show on Friday already, so if any of you are interested please just drop me a call or comment here. First come first serve.

Oh and I should probably mention that it is for girls only. :) Any future opportunities for the boys I will inform.

2 things to say:

Bboy Rice said...

i just went there today and randomly got one haircut too!!! hahaahah..xD too bad cant meet you le.. :(

Samantha Chow said...

Yeahhhh, i think i saw it on twitter the day u went there, but i wasn't there. Am going again this Friday though :)