Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a little april spring break

It is so good to take a little break from life, from everything. Even if it’s just for a few days.

I just returned from a weekend + Monday trip to Penang to visit the parents, and it was so good to have a few days off not thinking about assignments, work and people people people.

The mundane clockwork of daily duties have turned me into a binge eating robot that’s dying slowly from the inside. I needed a break, and thank goodness my mid-sem break arrived just in time!

I originally wanted to stay on at Penang longer but I had the piano classes to return to. No work = no money = must work lor!

Ever since my parents moved there, my occasional trips there have been gastronomically blessed as my parents happily bring me around the latest food places they have discovered since the last time I was there.

Or maybe they just want to stuff me with food before I return to the foodless land of somewhere-that-is-not-Penang.

I captured a lot of pretty sky pictures!

On the ferry:

Bridge viewYes it is the Penang bridge. And it was that cloudy,

Ferry skySuch a blissful beautiful evening of sun, sea and sky.

The gorgeous colourful evening sky at my dad’s mall’s carpark:

Colourful sky view

It’s things like these that reminds you of the miracle of the very world you are standing on.

Did I mention that I am thinking of starting a food blog? My G11 takes very good macro pictures especially of food, and I’ve always wanted to be a food critic so why not be a self-appointed one since nobody has yet learnt to appreciate my um reviewer skills.

The best thing for a hot day:

Ice kacang

It was the first time that I wanted a second bowl!

One night, my parents brought me and sister to Sakae Sushi for a giant celebratory session, apparently only because of me lor.

This might not look so tummy-filling, but it was more than enough for 4 adults!

Um it might also be because we each had 3 California rolls thingy before that, heh.

My favourite breakfast:

Dim sum

Below is such a pretty picture of a beautifully lighted white colonial building.


A good story plot that comes to mind: the turbulent relationship between the beautiful and headstrong mansion owner’s daughter and a tall dark handsome slave’s son during the 1940s? They face opposition and after much drama, the mansion is destroyed in a late night arson attack and the couple disappears. Did they die in the fire or did they take the opportunity to escape during the commotion?

Being a hopeless romantic, I’d of course prefer the former.

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Joanne Hui Ling said...

ARGHHHH..I am craving for dim summm laarrrhhhh=(

Samantha Chow said...

lets go err one day! :P