Wednesday, April 28, 2010

nothing like a little slap to bring you back to earth

Ignore the previous post in its ambiguity and esotericism (such a beautiful word, sniff!), it was written on a hot afternoon of a little impassioned private moment of intense sentimentalism and arbitrary hypersensitivity.

(Above is the most difficult sentence that took me 10 minutes, I really need to buck up on my creative writing!) Anyhow, what it really meant was that I was inspired to come out with an emotional post as I was dying from boredom being at home the past two days trying to feel inspired to do my essays, but I’d rather read instead. Also, having The Only Exception on repeat did not help.

Though, it is a really good song, so please go download it now asap.

Ok ok just kidding, go listen to it on youtube now.

Ok ok just kidding, go buy from itunes now.

ANYWAY back to me! I know I said I wanted a start-over but I then I decided to re-import my posts because a) They are me b) They were me c) My hits were spiralling down as there were no older posts to attract keyword searches d) I accidentally re-imported them and were lazy to delete them e) All above are true.

However what happened instead is that the popular keyword searches that used to generate the major hits on my blog is not working anymore, as it has somehow pushed to ‘second page’ of Google search instead of number one as it used to do. And we know nobody actually clicks ‘next’ when doing a Google search, so it’s actually a brand new start over for me and um this blog.

Whatever, I’m too busy having a life than refreshing my stats counter page every 5 minutes to see how many blog hits I’ve amassed since uh 5 minutes ago.

Yes it’s true! T.T why you don’t believe me T,T

Ok fine even if you don’t believe me I don’t care, I have 4 and a 10% assignments left to do before Monday. Busy weekend ahead even, dang.

BTW Happy 3rd birthday to my very-durable K800i, I have always loved you but I do think it’s time for a new phone! If only a mysterious unknown godfather from overseas would send over some moolah to my Maybank account, I’ll email you my account number. PS please send enough for the latest iPhone + billing fees for like ever and ever ?

My birthday’s coming soon mah!



A big change is coming soon for us LCS-campus Taylor’s students! I can’t wait to start classes next week at the new campus. I predict that the 4-storeys-high library would be my favourite new hang-out place.

2 things to say:

Jeryen said...

HAHA...typos spotted AGAIN

"Ok ok just kissing, go listen to it on youtube now."

or was it on purpose one? =/

Samantha Chow said...

fixed it! :D