Saturday, April 24, 2010

the tale of two kids

Today (by the time I’m posting this, it’s Yesterday) my kids were…not so bratty. Yay!

One was hilarious! He was excitedly telling me about his birthday yesterday (not sure whether he’s telling the truth, he’s only 8 but talks the uh salt off the fried rice) and the four ice-cream cakes he had.

Apparently they ate all four. Then it turns out that they kept one uneaten in the fridge. I asked (rather mischievously to confuse him), whether they’re saving it for next year is it?

His eyes widened in innocent consideration, but he came back with a quick reply: “Yes we wait until next year…because it’s so expensive!”

I kept it going for conversation sake: “But cakes where can keep for so long one?”

“We got oven!” Moves hand around to show giant square thing.

“How can you bake an ice-cream cake? Cannot lah, where can!” One must use simple Manglish when talking to Malaysian kids.

OK fine so maybe we shouldn’t. But I do, so there.

“Can one!” Clenches fist to emphasize. “The oven is cold, cannot on, so so you put the cake inside…”

Sorry I can’t do a very good imitation of an overexcited 8-year old. But basically he was telling me that you can uh ‘warm’ up the ice-cream cake in the ‘cold’ oven that couldn’t be switched on.

OK wtf I just made a very sick sounding sentence.

I think I shall stop telling children stories.

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AngelKein♥ said...

thank you woman! u dont have a cbox. lol.