Friday, April 23, 2010

we all need a little change from time to time

Three weeks ago I went for my first hair dye session at Toni and Guy KL as a model for a student’s assessment. My hairstylist Christopher did a dark brunette on my hair which uh wasn’t much different from my initial dead brownish hair.

But even a little change is much welcomed as I haven’t had anything done for months, only the occasional fringe trim.

TNG1Toying with my G11 <3

After 3 hours…


OK fine so you can’t see any difference. But wait, there’s more! biggrin

Exactly a week later, I came back for the pre-hair show dye which was a killer, this one, as they lightened my hair (a lighter version of bleaching I assume) then dyed red my braided hair, making the colour spread in a fashion not achievable the traditional way.

Gah what a long sentence.


So after week of being a dark brunette and another week of being a redhead, I got back to the academy for the hair show thing (which was today!). They dyed it a darker red again, much of my hair was cut off (sobs!), my fringe thickened and the ‘body’ fashioned to be err mengembang, big and wavy.

Don’t know what will happen once I wash off the hair products though.


Like I tweeted, I’m not smiling because hair models are not supposed to. I know these things, I watch ANTM!


For a clearer look, though it’s slightly flattened by then: Please ignore the fact that I’m camwhoring (nobody else to take mah, and btw I seldom do this, puhleeze!) & the too big shades or the zits. This is purely for informational purposes only kthxbai

Thank you Zoe and Toni & Guy KL! biggrin

3 things to say:

Amanda Janelle Quah said...

It's quite a nice shade of red now!! I like!! =) and your hair looks good in the elavator dat photo. =)

Samantha Chow said...

Tq girl, but i prefer the 2nd dyed red, now its darker :(

Hey do ya wanna model for them? Free hair cut or dye!

Amanda Janelle Quah said...

oohh really? haha. can oso. but how do i go about with it? LOL.