Thursday, May 27, 2010

xtreme challenge, can you handle it?

I have always watched physical game shows like the Amazing Race (and the Asian spin-off) and Wipe Out, wishing that I could take part in game shows like these. Of course, watching other people race and compete in physical and mental activities may be more fun from the comforts of your couch rather than being on the show yourself, but I do feel that I can do not-too-bad myself. Even though I seldom exercise and have almost non-existent stamina, I have a high level of

AMBP (AllMalaysian Bloggers Project) and Sunway Lagoon is holding an Xtreme Challenge competition on June 5th, and ‘designed to test your endurance, skill and teamwork using Sunway Lagoon’s five theme parks as the challenge course, and its respective attractions as the obstacles’, my team mates and I couldn’t be more excited!

Xtreme Challenge 
That is of course, if we are selected to take part. (Oh please please *begs*!)

Contestants will be required to complete up to ‘10 different tasks such as challenging Sunway Lagoon's Professional Paintball Marshalls in a paintball game, racing in a go-kart, catching water balloons in the River Rapid, or kissing a snake’.

The last one i can definitely do!
 carrying snake

OK maybe not, but I still want to try!

Where will the competition be held? Mention Sunway Lagoon to any Malaysian and they’ll know it as one of the first theme parks in Malaysia. Other than Genting Highland Theme Park, Sunway Lagoon is probably the most popular as well.

And that is why you should vote for Sunway Lagoon in the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA) Awards under the Asia’s Best Attraction (Medium Category) 2010 category. They have won for the past three consecutive years from 2007 to 2009.

Sunway Lagoon is Malaysia’s only representative, so voting for them means voting for Malaysia! Help them win by clicking

Vote Sunway Lagoon

If you don’t want to do it for your country (boo!), well at least they have some prizes to tempt you. Just leave a comment below the article here, and the best 15 comments will win 2 entry passes (All Park)! Isn’t that awesome? If you don’t have a flair for writing, well, just check my awesome comment out, hehehe.

The closing date for this is June 6th 2010.

AND they also have another competition for Sunway Lagoon fans *phew whoa so many contests one* which is actually related to the voting thing.

Refer your friends to vote for Sunway Lagoon *here*, and the most referrals will win exclusive invites to MTV World Stage 2010 Live! They have up to 130+ prizes, so don’t worry if yours don’t win the grand prize.

Now excuse me while I go jogging to train for the Xtreme Challenge. *huff puff*

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I bought a gardenia for charity!

Yes yes, would like to have received it from somebody instead but some things can’t be helped, hmph.

Let’s see how long it will last, won’t we?

I put it on the stove because that’s the sunniest spot in my condo. Had some trouble capturing the perfect image until I thought of something.

 Flower1+ Flower2
+ some photoshop
= Flower3

+ photoscape

= Flower4

Throw some quote in and you’re done! Not real tumblr-worthy perhaps, but it will grace mine. Once I decide on a theme (and stick to it!) then I’ll share my tumblr link.

Monday, May 24, 2010

waist-length curls, i’ll be back!

The other day I woke up and decided that my hair was too sickeningly dry/dying/dead, making me look years older, plus the fact that my fringe had been PMSing the past week.

Bounded off to the hairdresser and snipped it all off.

OK I wish it happened like that. Actually I’ve been toying with the idea of cutting short my hair for the past week, so it wasn’t like a really impromptu thing. Though it was about a couple days earlier than I had planned.

Originally wanted this haircut:


…but ended up with this.


Sorry had to put up a posing picture but this is one of the latest photo I have.

Oh and the mango sago cream drink thingy I’m holding is the awesomest ever, at Sunway Pyramid’s Snowy.

Now I don’t have anymore "I’m lazy” excuses to not wash my hair then labelled smelly again. Grr you know who you are!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

grow up, mister

When I was 15, I was witness to a high school violence where the parents had brought others and ‘kidnapped’ a friend of mine in to a car RIGHT IN FRONT OF ALL THE STUDENTS AND PARENTS at the bus stop (it was just after school) and a little way from the bus stop, he managed to push himself out from the car, where they started beating him and even with one of those giant metal car locks.

Right in front of everyone, so many people and cars passing by.

But of course nobody dared do anything. Cars passing by honked at them, and students all gathered from afar to gape and keep wishing for someone to stop them. Prefects ran to get teachers. I wonder if anyone called 999.

The victim was a member of a ‘gang’ who all ran to help him, and after awhile, the perpetrators left when they were either sure of making their point, or to run before the cops arrive.

Rumour had it that the victim’s ‘gang’ and the other person (I’ll label him the ‘culprit’ in this case) had a little misunderstanding, which resulted in the latter bringing his parents (and gang) to beat up my friend and to teach them a lesson. Obviously ‘the culprit’ did not return to school, most probably he and his family had already decided after that show of violence, to stop him schooling and work in their family business (of beating people up) or something.

I went home utterly traumatized, crying with anger and mixed feelings. Once I had calmed down though (it took me an entire day) the first thing that came into my mind was, how could the parents have taken part in this?

Isn’t it the parents responsibility to talk sense into their ‘wronged’ child, when he complains to them about what had happened in school? To tell their children that sometimes you just have to let things be, and not to make such a big useless fuss of every small issue that comes their way?

Instead, they chose to indulge their child in ‘seeking revenge’. How mature.

It’s as if they want their child to learn from their doings and think, my parents say it’s okay to seek revenge and beat people up whenever they don’t please me.

Common sense would tell the average person that violence is never a good thing. But judging from the crime rates since the world started up until today, maybe I should know better than to trust that everyone has compassion, empathy, sympathy, or even the slightest of tenderness in them.

Some people (even though I might not have met them in person) might just have completely ZERO mercy in them. Even though the best of me still hopes that the most violent serial killer in the world, whoever he may be (no, it cannot be a woman, I’m still not ready for such a revelation!) may still render a little love for his pet pug whom he feeds sparsely and keeps in his smelly rented one-bedroom apartment littered with old pizza boxes, torn pornographic magazines and unwashed singlets. (Yes, media stereotyping at its best here.)

Going back to the issue, it is to my utter disappointment that I have observed many adults not acting their age. By that I mean doing things that they should know is wrong, and yet do not take the effort to apologize for leading a bad example. Maybe they think that it is embarrassing and that only ‘young people’ need to apologize to make up for something wrong they did, but then since they had already like what they did in the first place, wouldn’t it already automatically put them on the ‘young and immature’ seat, only that this time it’s the ‘physically mature but not attitude-wise’.

Once you’ve reached a certain age I expect you to stop doing things like bitching, making stupid decisions on purpose etc because it’s your responsibility to act and justify your age. For younger people always have eyes on you and your reaction to whatever happens, as a means to learn how to react themselves when something similar happens.

Therefore when I read through The Star papers today, the one article which really caught my eye and got me thinking was the one about a 16-year-old student who was forced into a car, brought somewhere and then beaten up, slapped and physically hurt with a pair of scissors. The cause was allegedly a misunderstanding between her and a schoolmate which led to the latter’s mother (a Wanita MIC chief, no less) who led this attack on the girl.

I really don’t know what to say about this (actually I do – and I will). The full story may yet to be uncovered but the gist of the story is enough to give me chills. An excerpt:

“I only slapped her because I was angered that she had been spreading rumours about my daughter,” she said, admitting that she had driven the car ferrying the girls but denied using the scissors.

The issue is not whether you used the scissors or not, but even if it’s true that all you did was drive the car and slapped the girl, it is just plain wrong. VERY very wrong. How can one, an adult with more responsibilities than the average adult, trusted to protect the citizens, do such a thing? And even to a 16-year-old girl? Isn’t it your responsibility as a mother, human being, Wanita MIC chief to lead a good example?

I wonder if her daughter will grow up losing respect for a mother like this. I only hope that she would not grow up to be like her.

And they wonder why kids these days are so wild.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


You’re know you’re at the peak of the semester’s busiest assignment period when you attempt to finish your design work before the shops close, run out in your worst PJs which you’ve been wearing the whole day without showering, and two-days-unwashed hair, attempt to start your car with the pendrive, crosses your fingers hoping not to bump into any of your friends in your sad condition, actually almost bumping into them but pretends not to see them because you are busy looking for a shop with a colour printer (can you believe that in the 5-7 stationary shops there isn’t ONE bloody colour printer?!!) and even bought stale pineapples because you want to console yourself.

Oh and when you can’t sleep because you’re so worried about undone work, then wake up too early because of said reason, and realising you have really painful gigantic breakouts. And that you daren’t even look yourself in the mirror because you don’t dare see what has happened to you.

Truly, the bottom of the bottom-est.

Ah, I’m gonna miss these times. Until the next semester, that is.

And I’ve always thought that May was the month of spring, flowers and flowy dresses. Instead we get Armageddon weather, zits that won’t go away and dry bathtubs. (Because we don’t have time to shower, it’s true!)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

tokio hotel & a secret garden

Today ends my two-weeks-long mid sem break. Had been a surprisingly productive holiday (non-assignments-wise) (why so many –s?), during which I went to Penang for a short holiday, enjoyed two concerts (Kelly Clarkson’s and the following one) and spent loads of time reading new novels. Some were surprisingly good (considering they came from my sister’s stash, and she and I don’t really have similar reading taste) and I might do a little review when I have more free time.

One news value we learnt in class is currency (funny, I’ve always thought it was ‘timeliness’, until I read lecturer’s slides properly), that the more current news would be more popular blabla therefore I decided to spend some time doing a short post on what happened yesterday. Usually I write on stuff that have happened at least a month ago, so this is nothing short of unusual extreme efficient, thank you *bows*.

I had loads of undone assignments but accompanying boy to a concert is a more fun option obviously.

After the previous two failed excursions to the Secret Garden in 1 Utama, we finally found the much-awaited sign!

Secret Garden sign 
It’s a pretty big place, something like a flower garden but free entrance one.

Secret Garden1

It’s well maintained although the flowers were pretty much the same. No roses! *sad*

It’s a pretty enough place to take photos though. Wanna see funny photos? Heh heh *evilly*

Secret Garden - nic1 
So cute kan? Always want to pinch his cheeks hahah

OK ok stop laughing, now below is a very artistic and well-taken photo, thank you. *curtseys*

Secret Garden - nic2

And now to compare two photographs taken at the same spot:

Secret Garden - nic3Secret Garden - sam
Mr Can’t-stop-laughing and me, heheh

After much waiting, it was time for the real deal of the night: Tokio Hotel!

Tokio Hotel fansTokio Hotel fans

Crazy-many people that I didn’t really expected. 

And then Nic asked me to put my hand on the stage so that I can “tell people that I touched the stage”!


Jakunnya kita.

Oh, from this point onwards my camera battery decided to run out of juice. :( Will attach a video of ‘Automatic’ taken by Nic once I get it from him.

Short summary of concert: Stood waiting 3 hours in the rain & pack of people before technical glitches were successfully sorted out and main event started. Tired, hungry, wanted to faint therefore no mood to enjoy concert which otherwise was pretty good.

Time to steal some pictures!

Oh by the way I guess I should pretty much mention the fact that lead singer Bill Kaulitz looks and sounds very much like Adam Lambert.

*Bryan, why la upload so few pictures only!*

OK let’s wait til he has uploaded more then I might share it here. Or you can just go read it at his blog.

In the meantime, have a good May Day everyday.