Wednesday, May 12, 2010


You’re know you’re at the peak of the semester’s busiest assignment period when you attempt to finish your design work before the shops close, run out in your worst PJs which you’ve been wearing the whole day without showering, and two-days-unwashed hair, attempt to start your car with the pendrive, crosses your fingers hoping not to bump into any of your friends in your sad condition, actually almost bumping into them but pretends not to see them because you are busy looking for a shop with a colour printer (can you believe that in the 5-7 stationary shops there isn’t ONE bloody colour printer?!!) and even bought stale pineapples because you want to console yourself.

Oh and when you can’t sleep because you’re so worried about undone work, then wake up too early because of said reason, and realising you have really painful gigantic breakouts. And that you daren’t even look yourself in the mirror because you don’t dare see what has happened to you.

Truly, the bottom of the bottom-est.

Ah, I’m gonna miss these times. Until the next semester, that is.

And I’ve always thought that May was the month of spring, flowers and flowy dresses. Instead we get Armageddon weather, zits that won’t go away and dry bathtubs. (Because we don’t have time to shower, it’s true!)

3 things to say:

ZenMaster said...

I hear you..

Biopolymath said...

Hi Samantha. Dropping by for a read.

Samantha Chow said...

keyuan: I know, right? :(

bio: oh hi! Dropped by yours too ;)