Sunday, May 2, 2010

tokio hotel & a secret garden

Today ends my two-weeks-long mid sem break. Had been a surprisingly productive holiday (non-assignments-wise) (why so many –s?), during which I went to Penang for a short holiday, enjoyed two concerts (Kelly Clarkson’s and the following one) and spent loads of time reading new novels. Some were surprisingly good (considering they came from my sister’s stash, and she and I don’t really have similar reading taste) and I might do a little review when I have more free time.

One news value we learnt in class is currency (funny, I’ve always thought it was ‘timeliness’, until I read lecturer’s slides properly), that the more current news would be more popular blabla therefore I decided to spend some time doing a short post on what happened yesterday. Usually I write on stuff that have happened at least a month ago, so this is nothing short of unusual extreme efficient, thank you *bows*.

I had loads of undone assignments but accompanying boy to a concert is a more fun option obviously.

After the previous two failed excursions to the Secret Garden in 1 Utama, we finally found the much-awaited sign!

Secret Garden sign 
It’s a pretty big place, something like a flower garden but free entrance one.

Secret Garden1

It’s well maintained although the flowers were pretty much the same. No roses! *sad*

It’s a pretty enough place to take photos though. Wanna see funny photos? Heh heh *evilly*

Secret Garden - nic1 
So cute kan? Always want to pinch his cheeks hahah

OK ok stop laughing, now below is a very artistic and well-taken photo, thank you. *curtseys*

Secret Garden - nic2

And now to compare two photographs taken at the same spot:

Secret Garden - nic3Secret Garden - sam
Mr Can’t-stop-laughing and me, heheh

After much waiting, it was time for the real deal of the night: Tokio Hotel!

Tokio Hotel fansTokio Hotel fans

Crazy-many people that I didn’t really expected. 

And then Nic asked me to put my hand on the stage so that I can “tell people that I touched the stage”!


Jakunnya kita.

Oh, from this point onwards my camera battery decided to run out of juice. :( Will attach a video of ‘Automatic’ taken by Nic once I get it from him.

Short summary of concert: Stood waiting 3 hours in the rain & pack of people before technical glitches were successfully sorted out and main event started. Tired, hungry, wanted to faint therefore no mood to enjoy concert which otherwise was pretty good.

Time to steal some pictures!

Oh by the way I guess I should pretty much mention the fact that lead singer Bill Kaulitz looks and sounds very much like Adam Lambert.

*Bryan, why la upload so few pictures only!*

OK let’s wait til he has uploaded more then I might share it here. Or you can just go read it at his blog.

In the meantime, have a good May Day everyday.

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