Monday, May 24, 2010

waist-length curls, i’ll be back!

The other day I woke up and decided that my hair was too sickeningly dry/dying/dead, making me look years older, plus the fact that my fringe had been PMSing the past week.

Bounded off to the hairdresser and snipped it all off.

OK I wish it happened like that. Actually I’ve been toying with the idea of cutting short my hair for the past week, so it wasn’t like a really impromptu thing. Though it was about a couple days earlier than I had planned.

Originally wanted this haircut:


…but ended up with this.


Sorry had to put up a posing picture but this is one of the latest photo I have.

Oh and the mango sago cream drink thingy I’m holding is the awesomest ever, at Sunway Pyramid’s Snowy.

Now I don’t have anymore "I’m lazy” excuses to not wash my hair then labelled smelly again. Grr you know who you are!

3 things to say:

Fleur said...

Ah, no wonder I thought you looked somewhat different when I saw you earlier during JE lecture. Haha.

It's a cute do :)

Samantha Chow said...

thanks! but short hair makes me look more like a plain jane, i cant wait to dye it again!

Amanda Janelle Quah said...

*gasp* u chopped it all off!! =( i like yr long long hair. but oh well it's hair it will grow. haha. and u still look good la. =)