Monday, June 28, 2010

Malacca: fav shots

Last weekend I went on a day trip to Malacca with the gang. Here are my favourite shots!
jaguar Growling
croc Snarls: Teeth and slit
group1Happy (One)
group2Happy (Two)
eve1 Sun and light girl
fidot beach In a Flash
beach jumpshotJump your way to the sky
girls Look: It’s beach day!
eve2Bubbles on a beach
phoebe-michelle Spreading your wings
eve3Joy might be mistaken for hilarity
stanMessage in a bottle
wallBubbles and a red wall
And introducing Malaysia’s upcoming latest TV Series!
TV Drama Series "Malacca the Drama"


JER YEN as The poor kampung girl from some unknown state who faces numerous challenges when looking for a job in the quiet quaint town of Malacca. She tries to be nice, but finds it difficult to mingle with her neighbours. As to why, you will know below.

STANLEY YAP as The shy musician cum state exchange student who strives for JER YEN's attention. Has family troubles especially with his rich millionaire dad.

EVE OH as The gothic rocker chick who rejects all advances to be her friend and instead lepaks alone at the nearby fishing quay. Drinks only vodka lemonade.

TER PEY WEN as The studious Malaccan girl who wants to escape from her mundane life as the smartest girl in school to be a travelling painter.

LIM EE WENN as The sweet quiet girl whose hobbies are cooking and Twitter-ing. She secretly habours a desire to be a Playboy model, but knows she would never do it.

RON TCH as The emo boy who has trouble concentrating. Cannot last a minute in conversation with anyone before closing his ears and screaming madly. People say he was accidentally hit on the head with a milk bottle as a baby.

FIDOT as The rocker boy who actually wants to be friends with EVE OH but kena rejected on facebook. He likes durian cendol. And scaring tourists at the A Famosa by popping out at them from behind walls.

Guest starring UNKNOWN GUY WHO STOOD THERE as The unknown guy who stalks the casts from his red Kancil. But seems to do nothing about it.

Or doesn't he...?

**Characters are entirely fictional. Except for the names la of course.
TV Drama Series "Malacca the Drama: the sequel"


EVE OH returns to the series as the heroine this time and we go with her on her journey to be a world class uh photographer.

Introducing SAMANTHA CHOW as a tourist who actually comes to Malacca to hunt for gold. Literally. She heard a rumour that there actually is treasure buried under the A Famosa Zoo.

TER PEY WEN cannot realize her dream of becoming a travelling painter so she spends her days blowing bubbles at tourists in Jonker Street.

RON TCH has recovered and is now a practising money collector aka Big Gangster Boss in the town of Malacca. And some say Seremban.

STANLEY YAP cannot take the rejection from JER YEN and the constant arguments with his family, so he decides to leave town to be a volunteering veterinarian.

JER YEN decides to stay in Malacca despite not having friends. She likes shopping at Jonker Street though, especially on busy weekends when there are many people around. Who ignore her when she says Hi.

FIDOT is finally friends with EVE OH on facebook! Still likes scaring tourists at the A Famosa by popping out at them from behind walls. But not durian cendol anymore after a bad diarrhoea case.

The UNKNOWN GUY WHO STOOD THERE does not make a comeback.

LIM EE WENN has accepted a Playboy modelling gig overseas. Which explains why she does not make it back in the sequel.

**Characters are entirely fictional. Except for the names la of course.

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Vin Tsen Gan said...

LOL I like the photos you take! Very artistic =) Too bad I can't afford a camera like yours >.<

jfook said...

I love the last photo. :)

TOLANIC said...

I want to eat pandan cendol!!!

Samantha Chow said...

VinTsen: Thanks! And no prob, you can always save up to get a decent cam, which is what i did :)

jfook: hehe yeah, damn poser right we all

tolanic: oh no now you've got me craving it :(

Michael Yip said...

I was down in Melaka over the weekend too! LMAO

Seraph said...

lol malacca drama lol wtf?