Sunday, June 20, 2010

week #one

The seven-week long semester break began on Monday, signalling the end of the first half of my degree year. I was determined to do and learn something everyday to make this a more…constructive (and less guilty!) holiday than the usual.

Therefore I will post up a picture of the ‘something new’ I learnt each day. Hopefully this will make me make full use of my time and contribute to the ultimate grand plan a.k.a. when I become an adult.

#Sunday the 13th

Shopped and bought a pair of animal-print glasses and a floral top. Both which I’ve always wanted but didn’t dare indulge myself in.

#Monday the 14th

Rice Dumplings

Learnt to cook rice dumpling from scratch. According to the ‘aunties’ which include mom and grandma, I apparently am a pro in wrapping ‘em.

#Tuesday the 15th


I went swimming.

#Wednesday the 16th

Red Shoes

I went shopping at Sunway Pyramid with my cousin & splurged on red shoes (which is actually for working at the Edu Fair this weekend) and a vintage box bag. Oh and a super cute white hairband from Forever 21, marking it the first ever item I actually bought from the store, only because it’s the only item with no double-digit price.

#Thursday the 17th

Taking my inspiration from the previous day shopping at Forever 21, I bought materials from a ‘Kedai Jahitan’ and made my own hairbands! Boy has promised to look for buyers but I got bored even after making two, so we’ll see. :)

It was also a day of tears.

#Friday the 18th

in T&G
Coffee With Nuffies

Long long day. Dyed my hair a dark brown base at Toni & Guy’s (for the 3rd time in a month!) then rushed to Heritage House for Coffee With Nuffies where I met Nuffies Xin Xian a.k.a. Fresh and Veen Dee along with Nuffnangers Adrian, Cheryl, Henry and Vince. Oh, and I had honey green tea. :D

Letters to Nuffnang
#Saturday the 19th

edu fair

Stood for 6 hours at the first day of NAPEI Edu Fair. Had to plaster both my heels because they were inflamed. And I think my legs muscles are dead. :( Typical cons of the job.

Thankfully the boy brought me to our favourite indomee burger place for dinner. And I was dropped off and picked up after work, as well as for tomorrow. So princessy I feel! ;)

#Sunday the 20th

toy story3
Went to Disneyland! :D

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Vin Tsen Gan said...

Weee, saw myself in that pic on Friday the 18th (:

Samantha Chow said...

hehehe sure it's you? :P