Monday, July 5, 2010

7 best music videos of all time!

I seldom if ever watch music videos, probably because I don’t have MTV and I don’t very often surf Youtube if I can help it. However I still do stumble upon the occasional MV through the all-knowing Twitter or Facebook, only if I have nothing else better to do.

Songs however I listen to most of the time. Combining it with my recent love for very-much-Photoshopped media to create dreamy/ethereal/pretty images or videos, I have come out with a list of seven of my most favourite music videos of my favourite music of all times. Or rather, of the moment. (Seven because I can only think of these in the moment, and not forcing myself to like others just to get a round number like 10)

So, in no particular order:

#1 Jason Castro: Let’s Just Fall In Love Again

This is one of my most favourite MVs of all time! Was never really a fan of Jason Castro but after I discovered that he had really blue eyes I just swooned. Love the edited tint of the video, the gorgeous girl, the lovely camera, the moving photographs….and the way they prance around he serenades her so sweetly! Love love love!

Oh oh I think I have one of the top she was wearing!

This is number one because I love it so much, everything after that is second onwards. :)

#2 Owl City: Vanilla Twilight

Gorgeous lighthouse, snow covered grounds, heavenly skies and lovely song to boot; this is truly a magical-themed video.

Watching this video has such a calming effect, reminding me of love and  having someone beside you to share all the lovely moments in life such as when viewing the ‘daytime aurora’.

#3 Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg: California Gurls

Cotton candy clouds, cupcake bras and giant candy mint sticks! Guys would love almost bare-naked Katy Perry.

First thing that comes to mind watching this video is Alice in Wonderland, except that this is a much much more colourful and less darker version. Before I saw this video I thought that they’d do something like girls in bikinis on a beach and stuff (because that’s what comes to mind when people mention California) so to me this isn’t really appropriate BUT it’s uber cute and makes me crave sugar.

I wonder if it’s really cotton candy she’s lying on or just pink cotton.

#4 Owl City: Fireflies

i want their organ! I can so imagine him composing the song in his room and and the toys starting to move and lights blinking as the music flows.

#5 Katy Perry: Thinking Of You

This song is one of the most emotional song I’ve ever heard; you can always hear the deep emotions in Katy Perry singing this song. I definitely prefer this video to the initial one where she’s just sitting in a white room, because I always love a good short movie, and this is a very nice depiction of what the song is about.

She (and him) is so hot and the vintage (very Topshop-ique) clothing and accessories are to die for, especially the killer shoes she wears throughout the video!

Did you know that every time I listen to a number of specific songs it reminds me of certain people? And sometimes they just ruin it for you forever? Well I’m glad I like this song more.

#6 Paramore: The Only Exception

The only reason I Youtubed this video was because of the song which i initially heard on radio – and liked! I’m really glad Paramore not only does rockish songs because this is such a lovely soulful pop rendition.

In this video, Hayley Williams goes through a never-ending series of doors and then finally doubling back to her sleeping boyfriend, when she finally realizes it is him whom she really wants.

 #7 B.o.B. ft Bruno Mars: Nothin’ On You

This is such a cute song and video with cut-outs and cartoonish effects. I’m sure there are many music videos out there with similar concepts, but this is one of the most recent ones which I’ve seen.

The cut-out images of the girls are so adorable. And did you realise that there weren’t any blondes?

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