Sunday, July 18, 2010

bon odori ‘10: simplified



Car parked miles away, long walk to stadium in the middle of factories area, milling in claustrophobic sweaty crowds, overpriced Isetan food, grass wet with melted ice, non-Japanese people in yukatas, familiar music and dancing in the centre of the stadium…same old, same old… <More pictures here>

I want to go to the Penang one next year, I heard that there were fireworks too!

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6 things to say:

k0k s3n w4i said...

my gf was at the bon odori celebration at penang... there's fireworks, but she said the whole affair's deadly boring :|

she's more a korea-phile anyway

Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow, really simplified but I kinda like the second picture (:

Hundred Bucks Portrait said...

I would go Bon Odori just for a couple photos of pretty girls and go back home, which I did. It helps to have a media pass too, just to avoid the sweaty and smelly crowd.

Hikki aka Amanda said...

hmmm, I did't attend for this year...gettting bored if every year going ;p

ken said...

i guess it's almost the same every year =)

Samantha Chow said...

Hilda: Hehe it was fun dancing!

kok sen: too bad there arent any big korean fest in msia anyways...or are there?

joyce: yeah well i went there mostly for the atmosphere. agree with you that its not a really good place for photography but who knows? :)

hikki: yeah well i'll consider going for the penang one next year, a change of scenery?

ken: yeah it is! but how fun it is depends on who you go with. :)