Friday, July 23, 2010

hidden gems

I am of the opinion that there are 3 kinds of regularly updated blogs: the really good ones with high readership, the specific niche ones with slightly higher than average readership, and the hidden gems with low readership. The lousy ones with low readership don't get a mention because 4 types of anything is too much and distracts the reader's attention.

Anyhow, I'd like to think that im the third kind. Only because I think too highly of myself to call my blogging style 'boring' and it also cannot be denied that readershp has declined greatly ever since I imported all my older posts away to 'start anew'.

Here is why I think the hidden gems have such low readership:

1. Most people feel intimidated by the intelligent musings and words we use in our writing.

2. They cannot think deep therefore find our cryptic short or wordy blog posts frustrating.

3. They prefer to write about 'what I did today' & they think that every personal blog with no specific niche should do the same. (BTW I've thought about it and I think that my niche is 'personal musings' which should be interesting enuf for u bitch cos I am awesome and breathing the same air with me automatically renders you a fan of me). No, really, im not joking.

4. Our blogs are not 'socially up to date'. Meaning we dont blog about latest events which actually generate quite a bit of search hits, believe me. But then we're not event bloggers so its excusable if all we wanna do is wallow in self-pity all day long and write long cryptic emotional posts.

5. We do not 'promote' our blogs enough. Okay okay so I mention my blog in almost every opportunity I get, but this is not what i meant. I just don't take the effort to do what many bloggers do which is for example, try to get clicks from joining contests in fellow bloggers' blogs as well as some who (un)selflessly go in to every blog and leaving a "Nanged..." comment in their cboxes. Those going to blogs and leaving proper comment are acceptable because they take the effort to. Unlike ppl who "Clicked on your ad!" and tells the whole world so.*

You might say I've sour grapes but I do hv (a certain level) of self respect! Writing whatever I like whenever I want for whoever who wants to read is what I'll do and what I'm doing, and that should be good enough for me, even if not for you.

Really, sometimes I think I'm too philosophical for my own good.

*no apologies if thats what you do.

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Samantha Chow said...

thank you *bows

Amanda Janelle Quah said...

i LOVE this post! and I really agree with what you say. and btw, just for the record, i really like your blog! =) it's interesting to read.

Samantha Chow said...

Amanda: thank you lovely! :)