Friday, July 16, 2010

sem #3 round-up

Semester three of my degree in Taylor’s ended about a month ago. Three more weeks to semester four!

Sem 3 was a little different, as we did half of it in our old TCPJ campus and the other half in the new Lakeside campus.

On one of the last days

Raffi presenting

The last presentation we ever did on the last day in TCPJ.

The new Lakeside campus was impressive at first sight. We love the library!


We and our expensive Sunway Pyramid lunches…

Pasta Zanmai


…and jakuning in class.



Li May  Nicholas Bryan Siew Ling


Sam  Grace Grace is my crazy and karaoke buddy!

Sem 4 will be much more fun and busier, as we have a ‘secret club project’ in the books.

Sarah and Siew Ling must learn to be in pictures!



2 things to say:

ken said...

got macbook sure play photobooth =P

Samantha Chow said...

hehe yeah thats true, its a very fun application!