Wednesday, July 14, 2010

week #two, #three, #four okay forget it

Been procrastinating writing about the weekly holiday updates so I’ll just bunch them up together the best I can. Heh.

#Monday the 21st

Had for the first time, the infamous IKEA meatballs. And yummy Daim cake!

Ikea meal

And RM1 IKEA vanilla ice cream mmm~

 ikea icecream

After that, I forgot what I did and when. So in no particular order… :P

#1 Ah, durians! I used to love them. Then I hated them. Now, I don’t mind eating them.


#2 This actually took place in week one but since I’ve already edited the picture, here it is. Had a really big craving for Carl’s Jr, so dragged Pik Ngan over there during the break working at the Mid Valley Edu Fair.


#3 Went over to campus for a  Cambridge grammar competition. Was a waste of time, frankly, as we could’ve easily done it at home.


#4 Old-school toy! @gramma’s place toy

#5 Urbanscapes this year. Was pulled over by Sueann, and when she mentioned free-trip-to-Krabi I couldn’t help but jakunly overexcitedly said yes. Boy was embarrassed out of his wits I could tell.


#6 Car wash! Yes one of those automatic ones, it was so so fun!


Actually there are more pictures yet but it’s 2.30am and I have something on important later on today and I just came back from Penang today so I’m supposed to be dead exhausted and I also had endless piano lessons after that and this sentence is never ending and so goodbye.

Oh oh and after I reread this post, I realised I did not mention that this all took place in June! Hehehe that’s how updated I am you know you love me xoxo kthxbai.

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Sheena Liam said...

Lol. In college we have a monthly IKEA meatballs ritual. X) Everyone gets together and goes to IKEA.