Thursday, July 29, 2010

we’ll see the last of you

I have an exciting creative project on the way! flower flower2

And such a pretty nail-do, I wonder whether it will last longer than the 2 hours it usually only lasts.


Short life updates, if you’re interested:

#1 I'd turned 20 recently if you didn’t know. Midway to middle age!

#2 Semester four starts next week. I’ll be more than halfway through with my degree then. Too scary!

#3 Can’t wait for World Stage this weekend! Lucky bugger hamster gets to interview Katy Perry! O.o

#4 How d’ya like my new layout? Thanks very much to beautiful vintage blog for the background and header! It’s a temporary header though, but I’m guessing with my procrastination it’ll probably be here for quite awhile. :D

#5 I started a Books I’ve Read page, do check it out. It’s a good way of keeping track! What more with the Taylor’s Book Club that we’re starting in the new sem, I guess it’s a great idea to encourage people to read.

#6 I’m still recovering from a severe bout of pharynx-gitis, which made it painful every time I swallow even porridge or water. I think my cousin caught it from me though, oops!

#7 July was really lethargic and unexciting. August & September looks bright though! :)

2 things to say:

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Ahhh magnificent photos, once again!=)

Samantha Chow said...

Thank you! :)