Saturday, August 28, 2010

sushi daze


Off to a food binge-ing weekend. Won’t promise to update!

PS – August felt like 5 seconds wtf?!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

the malaysian animal farm

The wheels of the bus goes round and round ~

Sorry, that song was stuck on my head the morning we left for the zoo. I think it’s because going to the zoo makes me feel like a kid again, and it was a happy day, thus a happy kid song.

Twas a nice day, had fun, lalala until next week when he got hospitalized for dengue and we think it’s from, you know, the zoo.

Ignoring you Elephantitis

Poor dude, animals and little kids always seem to like me more.

Come here boy *photo credit NC*photo credit NC 

See! Not kidding, animals DO love me! (With the exception of dengue mosquitoes perhaps, haha) Have lots more pictures but I have to sleep.

*photo credit NC Giraffe under a tree

Giraffes are fascinating creatures!

Mr G

So handsome!

Toni & Guy Graduation ‘10

*AT THE SCENE (shameless name-dropping): Samantha K, Hitomi, Reiko, Zoe

So the other day we were at this graduation show for Toni & Guy’s first batch of diploma students. When I said we, I meant Jer Yen and I; I practically pulled her hair in forcing her to join me in this.

Billy was our hairstylist and he coloured my hair green (original plan grey) a few days before the show. You can see my hair better in the next picture. And yes, it’s still like this now.

Billy & I

Here’s a picture of me with my make up artist Max, from Style & Sense.

Max & i

There were 7 hairstylists and 10 models each. Um I don’t know why Billy had 14(as per below).

Group pic

Everyone loved my camera and its swivel display screen! Good investment, good investment :P


And I had a picture with the Twilight guys!


No, really.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

even the long-necked knows it

Is it me or is it normal to not want to have messy unread/uncleared messages/notifications in my email/facebook? (Wow thats a lot of or’s!) I MUST read and sort out properly my emails as well as clear my facebook notifications (you know the one on the right side) even if I have to choose ‘ignore’ or ‘maybe’, or else I’ll feel like there is something still left undone. Which is why I can’t understand why some people can leave the requests and notifications piling up, ignored and just staying there forever and ever, not cleaning up the numbers!

OCD or I have not reached that level of ignorance?
 National Zoo - 7 Aug '10

Even the giraffe knows its priorities. And that includes ignoring an empty hand reaching out to pet its nose.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

unpaint your life and put it in words

#1 At 20, I am so exhausted with life and people that all I want to do is curl up in my bed with colourful bubbly vodka and Nancy Drew. Alone! Too bad I only found the literature treasure after my new semester started; what a waste of my month-long holiday.

#1b It’s such a joke to think that it is during the holidays that I tend to get more bored, depressed and stressed as compared to during the study period when I’m supposed to be more worried with assignments and what not. A friend once said that happiness is the pursuing of attainable goals, and I very much agree with her. Life has to have a purpose, and contrary to popular belief, procrastinating is much more fun when you have an assignment due soon.

#2 Personal creative project: fashioning and filling up my IKEA corkboard! No pictures because I think that it’s really personal…okay who am I kidding, I am a picture-sharing-freak, it’s just that I am just lazy to transfer it from my camera tonight.

#3 I do think it’s time to go to church again.

#4 How is it that the older one gets, the more you will tend to appreciate your parents?

#4b I hope that none of my family members read my blog (and stumble upon that potentially embarrassing-due-to-hint-of-appreciation-towards-people-in-general statement). Fat chance.

#5 Just because I don’t advertise my grief doesn’t mean I don’t love him as much as you do.

#6 Pretentious people I hate. What does that word mean anyway?

#7 I do think that I need to go for a medical check up soon. I’m sure that usually people do not get terrible killer headaches so frequently like I do?

#8 Why is it that the grass is always greener on the other side? Do people from the other side think the same way about my side? Here’s where the ‘put yourself in my shoes’ proverb thing come in…

#9 Do you get annoyed with random unexplainable long titles such as this post’s?

#9b No, don’t answer that, short of being rude (or maybe I am) I don’t care. I’m sick and tired of caring about what others think and what they want instead of what I really want. Sometimes I really think that I deserve more. Now I know.

#10 If only I can get paid to do the things I love…cuddling in bed with colourful bubbly vodka and Nancy Drews…it’s like somebody saying they wish that they’d get paid to sleep all day long and read children’s books while getting drunk.

Oh wait.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

orianthi live in KL 2010

Hi all, I just returned from a rockin’ good concert.unknown

She’s a famous guitarist slash singer, with a couple of radio hits that Malaysia should be familiar with…something that goes like: “According To You”?


She’s half-Greek, blond, has really sharp features and knows how to give the audience a rockin’ good time!


She’s none other than Ms Panagaris, known simply as Orianthi!

orianthi orianthi2orianthi3 orianthi4 orianthi5 orianthi6 orianthi7 I love her expression in this one: pure ecstasy!

orianthi8orianthi9orianthi10 Headbang: One of her guitarist, Bryan rocks it

orianthi11 orianthi12guitar pick Yes I got a pick! Two actually :P

Although I was never really a fan of hers, knowing only her two famous singles, today at Orianthi Live KL she has earned my new-found respect in her mad awesome guitar skills which earned her the position as lead guitarist for Michael Jackson’s supposed-to-be tour.

I’ll share the Flickr link of the full set and maybe* a couple of videos too (*maybe because the sound quality was really bad as I stood too near the bass /sad), but definitely more pictures as the stage setting and atmosphere made the pictures too good to only be shared among my facebook friends, as I normally do.

I might also have a group picture of us to show for!

PS - If you think that my pictures look surprisingly familiar here...well you're not wrong. *humble