Saturday, August 14, 2010

even the long-necked knows it

Is it me or is it normal to not want to have messy unread/uncleared messages/notifications in my email/facebook? (Wow thats a lot of or’s!) I MUST read and sort out properly my emails as well as clear my facebook notifications (you know the one on the right side) even if I have to choose ‘ignore’ or ‘maybe’, or else I’ll feel like there is something still left undone. Which is why I can’t understand why some people can leave the requests and notifications piling up, ignored and just staying there forever and ever, not cleaning up the numbers!

OCD or I have not reached that level of ignorance?
 National Zoo - 7 Aug '10

Even the giraffe knows its priorities. And that includes ignoring an empty hand reaching out to pet its nose.

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