Thursday, August 5, 2010

orianthi live in KL 2010

Hi all, I just returned from a rockin’ good concert.unknown

She’s a famous guitarist slash singer, with a couple of radio hits that Malaysia should be familiar with…something that goes like: “According To You”?


She’s half-Greek, blond, has really sharp features and knows how to give the audience a rockin’ good time!


She’s none other than Ms Panagaris, known simply as Orianthi!

orianthi orianthi2orianthi3 orianthi4 orianthi5 orianthi6 orianthi7 I love her expression in this one: pure ecstasy!

orianthi8orianthi9orianthi10 Headbang: One of her guitarist, Bryan rocks it

orianthi11 orianthi12guitar pick Yes I got a pick! Two actually :P

Although I was never really a fan of hers, knowing only her two famous singles, today at Orianthi Live KL she has earned my new-found respect in her mad awesome guitar skills which earned her the position as lead guitarist for Michael Jackson’s supposed-to-be tour.

I’ll share the Flickr link of the full set and maybe* a couple of videos too (*maybe because the sound quality was really bad as I stood too near the bass /sad), but definitely more pictures as the stage setting and atmosphere made the pictures too good to only be shared among my facebook friends, as I normally do.

I might also have a group picture of us to show for!

PS - If you think that my pictures look surprisingly familiar here...well you're not wrong. *humble

4 things to say:

bryanlyt said...

nice wor :)

ZenMaster said...

*pouts lucky you!

Ariff Suffian  said...

I got one of her pick too, but the 'h' and 'i' at the back came off already, because she used it :D

Samantha Chow said...

bryan: yeah u missed a really good concert
ke yuan: hehehe yeah but i bet you can make it for a concert if she decides to perform at her hometown :)

ariff: omg thats so lucky, sell it off ebay then! ;P