Sunday, August 22, 2010

Toni & Guy Graduation ‘10

*AT THE SCENE (shameless name-dropping): Samantha K, Hitomi, Reiko, Zoe

So the other day we were at this graduation show for Toni & Guy’s first batch of diploma students. When I said we, I meant Jer Yen and I; I practically pulled her hair in forcing her to join me in this.

Billy was our hairstylist and he coloured my hair green (original plan grey) a few days before the show. You can see my hair better in the next picture. And yes, it’s still like this now.

Billy & I

Here’s a picture of me with my make up artist Max, from Style & Sense.

Max & i

There were 7 hairstylists and 10 models each. Um I don’t know why Billy had 14(as per below).

Group pic

Everyone loved my camera and its swivel display screen! Good investment, good investment :P


And I had a picture with the Twilight guys!


No, really.

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