Wednesday, August 11, 2010

unpaint your life and put it in words

#1 At 20, I am so exhausted with life and people that all I want to do is curl up in my bed with colourful bubbly vodka and Nancy Drew. Alone! Too bad I only found the literature treasure after my new semester started; what a waste of my month-long holiday.

#1b It’s such a joke to think that it is during the holidays that I tend to get more bored, depressed and stressed as compared to during the study period when I’m supposed to be more worried with assignments and what not. A friend once said that happiness is the pursuing of attainable goals, and I very much agree with her. Life has to have a purpose, and contrary to popular belief, procrastinating is much more fun when you have an assignment due soon.

#2 Personal creative project: fashioning and filling up my IKEA corkboard! No pictures because I think that it’s really personal…okay who am I kidding, I am a picture-sharing-freak, it’s just that I am just lazy to transfer it from my camera tonight.

#3 I do think it’s time to go to church again.

#4 How is it that the older one gets, the more you will tend to appreciate your parents?

#4b I hope that none of my family members read my blog (and stumble upon that potentially embarrassing-due-to-hint-of-appreciation-towards-people-in-general statement). Fat chance.

#5 Just because I don’t advertise my grief doesn’t mean I don’t love him as much as you do.

#6 Pretentious people I hate. What does that word mean anyway?

#7 I do think that I need to go for a medical check up soon. I’m sure that usually people do not get terrible killer headaches so frequently like I do?

#8 Why is it that the grass is always greener on the other side? Do people from the other side think the same way about my side? Here’s where the ‘put yourself in my shoes’ proverb thing come in…

#9 Do you get annoyed with random unexplainable long titles such as this post’s?

#9b No, don’t answer that, short of being rude (or maybe I am) I don’t care. I’m sick and tired of caring about what others think and what they want instead of what I really want. Sometimes I really think that I deserve more. Now I know.

#10 If only I can get paid to do the things I love…cuddling in bed with colourful bubbly vodka and Nancy Drews…it’s like somebody saying they wish that they’d get paid to sleep all day long and read children’s books while getting drunk.

Oh wait.

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