Wednesday, September 29, 2010

about me?

I got carried away writing a new "About Me" and ended up boring myself to tears. Here's if you're bored and the next best thing to do is jump into an empty swimming pool.

About Me (as updated on September 29th, 1.30am)

What about me? Well the first is that you’d probably learn more about me here than in five years of knowing me, seeing as I don’t really like talking about myself.

Ha ha what a joke, I read somewhere that EVERYONE likes talking about themselves. That’s why we have “About Me” sections! And self important narcissist who blogs about their feelings day in day out, vain people who post up ‘self portraits’…and Facebook.

Uh oh.

I like to write. Or at least, I tell myself that I like to write. Writing is fun. It’s a quiet activity. Most of the time you do not need to speak to someone during the whole duration of this particular hobby.

I think most of us like to write because you can write and not be judged. You can read your old scribblings and essays and think that you are actually a really intelligent and natural talent. To further interest potential writers, you can also have Microsoft Word to correct your spelling! And that is why boys and girls, most of us call ourselves ‘writers’. We write an essay for school: Oh I’m a writer. We write a letter of opinion to the newspaper: Oh I’m a writer. We write short cryptic blog posts: Oh I’m a writer.

Well, don’t let people tell you what to do with your life.

As you could have gathered from the above paragraph, I don’t really like to talk. Well again it depends on who I am with at the moment (don’t we all?), and whether it’s the time of the month.



Right, now that you’ve rolled your eyes at least once reading this, let’s move on. I fancy myself as a self-gratifying photographer. I take pictures of just anything but sadly it largely depends on my mood (what to say, I AM a Cancerian!) and whether my hands are clean of any food item.

I also only post up pictures where I look good (I really don’t care about how you look) and after editing them the best I can in Photoshop or PhotoScape (now I don’t claim to be very good in ‘em but I know the basics) I’ll only post them up on this blog or my tumblr. Facebook doesn’t count because I really don’t care how you look like.

Next…I should really probably talk about my previous “About Me”, where I mentioned I was a vain narcissistic serial camwhorer. I am proud to announce that I have grown out of that stage!

Yes, I have found my way to better hobbies.

Or it might be that I am currently undergoing an adolescent crisis and don’t think myself pretty anymore. Either way, you will not see many pictures of me posing with a fake pout and peepers straining to appear as huge and doe-eye as possible.

Really, this is getting way too long than my original 100-word intention.

But you’re in this page for a reason, and I intend to bring you closer to The World That Makes Sam Tick!

(cue lame suspense music)

Let’s talk about my new hobbies. Scrapbooking, reading (picked it up from where I left it years ago!), getting sick and moaning about it on Twitter, editing pictures to make them tumblr-worthy, in other words emo-fied, and constantly wondering how to earn more cash. Okay that was crudely put, so perhaps I shall put it in another way: How to gain financial freedom!

Isn’t that everyone’s life aim? To be a millionaire and therefore, be happy forever?

Anyway, whoever said that money won’t make you happy has obviously never had to stay in an unhappy job, missing out on many things in life because you need money to pay for the other things in life.

Yes, moaning about the general things in Life is also my favourite hobby. Though I (really would like to!) think that I don’t do it so much in the public forum anymore, but more to certain people in my life. Or certain person, I’d like to say.

Even I can’t stand myself sometimes.

No pictures in this post. I am so boring, I know I know.

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