Thursday, September 9, 2010

I can tell you're in denial, get over it

Things I've learnt throughout 20 years and one and a half months of my life, observing human behaviour and contemplating life: (in random order, because that is Life)

#1 To get anything done, you'll have to do it yourself.

#2 In reference to #1: To witness a miracle, you'll have to do it yourself.

#3 Time spent waiting for someone to do what you secretly want is time wasted.

#4 People may seem to lead a happier/fun-ner life than you actually feel the same way towards you/others. (Here's where the green grass saying applies)

#5 Buying things for others gives one a deeper sense of satisfaction than buying for oneself.

#6 However you can't make them do it, they have to want to do it themselves.

#7 Seemingly-innocent people who quietly manipulates you are the wisest.

#8 Sometimes it's good to take a day off work/class for no reason, just to recharge & re-evaluate your life.

#9 Try not to do things that makes you unhappy. Of course sometimes it might be near impossible, but sooner or later you will give up trying, so why waste time being unhappy?

#10 The best inspiration comes at night, so do keep pen & paper or even your phone to note them down.

#11 Things ALWAYS seem better in the morning.

#12 The older you get, the more you realise the importance of family and friendship.

#13 I'm no longer shy of eating alone at restaurants.

#14 Constantly pamper yourself, even if it means spending in facials, tech gadgets etc. You'll feel more inclined to continue living, as opposed to torturing yourself by 'working hard but not willing to reward self'.

#15 No point spending time agonising over even the hugest 'mistakes' you made as they are actually the last thing on everyone's mind.

#16 Spend some time doing what you like everyday: be it reading, Plants vs Zombies-ing, sketching...even if you're struggling to breathe through the tightest deadline.

#17 Realize that anticipation is much more exciting than the real thing.

#18 Sweet talking comes naturally to most men. Just smile and listen with half a mind reminding yourself that.

#19 Men who insult you whether jokingly or on purpose do not deserve respect. Spit on them and go on your way.

And no, you aren't being too harsh. It's called standing up for yourself.

#20 People bitch about others because deep down they feel inferior.

#21 Time is not a indicator of how well you truly know someone. All it really takes is effort.

#22 Insomnia is possibly the worst infliction on a human being. It combines loneliness with physical exhaustion, both which are 'killers' on their own.

#23 Work is doing something you don't enjoy.

#24 People who don't 'promote' how they feel, feels the most.

#25 There are people in this world whom you will simply not be able to get along with, ever. Just accept it and go on with your life.

#26 Messy is bad. It nags you constantly, feeling as if all is not well.

#27 Physical exercise is completely necessary if you don't want to go through life feeling lethargic & fragile. (I am one to talk, hmph)

#28 Wait. Be patient. Your time will come.

#29 Jealousy is unavoidable. Distract yourself and remind yourself of #28.

#30 Getting enough sleep is not a joke.

More inspirations to come your way another day as it's past 1am and I've been subscribing to my early nights philosophy.

Something to think about: Which of these do you agree with and which do you not?

2 things to say:

Sheena Liam said...

I agree with number 19. There's a fine line between criticism and pointless comments. Especially regarding physical attributes. I shrug them off and maintain my distance.

Samantha Chow said...

I think that's the best thing we can do. Apart from secretly voodoo-ing them to grow more zits, that is.