Sunday, October 31, 2010

new love: insta.gram

IMG_0036 IMG_0037 IMG_0040 IMG_0042 IMG_0043 4978c6bc07a4483fb40c731043f67f8c_7 IMG_0030

Too many I can’t wait to share! All taken by me, except for those which I’m inside and it’s obvious that I couldn’t have taken it, then those are by the Teletubby. This is abso-da-lutely good news for my tumblr!

I want the app in my Nokia, like right now!

PS: I KNOW that I’ve too many exclamation marks, but I can’t help that I get excited so easily.

Once upon a dream

I dreamed that I had to go to school, but upon reaching I discovered that i had no socks on, forgotten about getting a uniform & still had painted black nails (as a matter of fact I just painted my nails the night before). Finally went in - though still afraid of being reprimanded - and saw a really cute guy who came to stand behind me and we touched and I was so happy, but then we had to go through this weird totalitarian regime for the schoolkids - must have being ignited by me watching the first ever Macintosh ad the night before, which reminded me of 1984 - then I heard the weirdest, most lifelike (for the lack of a more suitable word) sentence of all:

"You know in every clique there's a loner right?" *nods* "Well he's the one whose balls can't be touched. As in, you can't touch his balls."

Metaphorically it either means he's sensitive OR he's actually the big scary boss whom you can't make fun of.

Either way, I need to know where have I heard this line before in real life, cos I doubt my pretty little mind could've come out with such an intelligent insight by itself.

What a weird morning.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i love how...

I love how sometimes you reassure me when we both know that it's not possible.

I love how you complain and show the manja face when i ask you to do something, but you still get up to do it nonetheless.

I love how you look at me when i know that the next thing you will say is how adorable you think i am (even if you're the only one in the world who thinks so).

Best of all, i love knowing how much you want to make me happy.

rockstar, i am

Orianthi concert, August ‘10

I’m planning to pick up the guitar (even got the thing itself leaning on the wall of my living room!) However am torn between looking for a music centre at PJ (where I’m studying) or somewhere a little near home. In the meantime, I am spending some time practising by serenading the boy who is enjoying every minute of it (despite him noting the ‘retarded hamster’ look on my face whenever I’m psudo-rockstar-ing.)


Meant to drone on longer tonight but got distracted with the Internet so off I go!

PS: Happy 20-10-2010!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

sunday nights

What is your least favourite time of the week? Contrary to what I think most people would choose (Monday morning), my least favourite time of the week is Sunday nights.

From what I've researched (and thought a lot about), anticipation is always more powerful than the event itself. Therefore when anticipating a fun event (like a trip or a birthday) is always much more exciting than the thing itself. Likewise, when dreading a boring or tiring event (like Monday mornings or exams), you'll find yourself so much more anxious than when the real thing is going on.

And since the 'time of anticipation' has no limits (you can start anticipating or dreading something days, weeks or months before - which could lead to depression if you know you have to go through something you don't exactly look forward to at the end of the year, then spend months worrying about), I guess it's safe to say that if you can help it, choose not to be aware of things that aren't happy. Well at least until the last possible moment when you need to come face to face with it.

Of course you'll say that it's good to know earlier so that you can be prepared for it, but why choose that when you can be happily ignorant?

Just sayin'.


Yes I finally got to watch Juno!

Was it a good movie? Well you know that there are some movies that people rave about but you find it mediocre (*cough* Dark Knight *cough*) and there are movies that make you go "Oh god why didn’t I watch this earlier, I LOVE IT!!!”…well, Juno’s the latter.

The issues in the movie are portrayed in a playful quirky manner, but true to the core.

Well basically I love the actors in it so yes I was already initially biased before watching it. Just imagine…two Arrested Development characters…and Ellen Page?!! Right, knew you were gonna explode doing that.

Anyway #hellyesellenpage!

Ellen page

I actually bought the BUST issue which featured Ellen and Alia (another favourite: hint Arrested Development?!) below. Love their freckles! And they look so…young wtf wish that would happen to me, people always say I look older than my age ever since I was 12, gahh.


Well I think we all agree that we love her. Especially since her lips have grazed those of the yummy svelte Joseph GL, whom (after Inception) all girls and guys (gay or straight) uh wants. All thought out Juno I couldn’t keep my eyes off Ellen. Not in a lesbian-sy way, but rather in a omgiwannabeyou kind of way.

Ellen page + Joseph GL 
Just wanted to share a little private insight into the deep complicated mind of Samantha.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

they made a statue of us

Life happenings:

The washing machine had been running for half an hour when I realised that I had left my new necklace in the pocket of my shorts…which was part of the load in the machine. Quickly ran to the kitchen and stopped the machine, then swilled my hands in the dirty water looking for my poor necklace.

Luckily it was still in one piece therefore you are spared from annoying groans moans complaints about how miserable my life is.


Short story extract:

The girl stared out the one-way window which stretched out the entire wall. Young people walked outside, mostly with their friends and with a smile etched on their faces. Joking, laughing, talking. Young, hip and urban. Happy, flirty, worried. Each and everyone different and yet, similar. What really differentiates them and her is that she knows. That the world is not the same as they think it is. That everything is not the same anymore. Their lives would soon need to be changed, as hers did. She nodded in quiet agreement to that. They would soon see.



Yes I know it’s an ugly poster, I take full credit for this because (excuses excuses) it is due to my lack of time (and inborn designing talent). However the main point is that you HAVE to come for the screening because this is THE classic movie of all time. And yes I want to see your face and shake your hand (if I haven’t).

Psycho Poster

The poster says it all. See you there!


A little musing to end the night:

Alone in the middle of the crowd. Crying watching a comedy. Heart broken watching a couple in love.

Irony in its deepest sense is the truth for most of us confused souls.

Don’t bother asking if you do not understand.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

behind grey clouds are the blue skies

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine,
You make me happy,
when skies are grey.


Your jealousy is so obvious that I can’t help but to feel pity for you. Or maybe it’s the wrong word; I’m actually sad. That you do not know the full story. That you’d assume what you see is what it is. Let me tell you something: Girl, things are not as it seems and they mostly aren’t.

People who smile in front hold the deepest secrets.


Check out my tumblr and twitter, I have more time for short updates than long ones nowadays and it seems so unfair to you, one of my three readers, to come in here and read two lines each post. Not to say that I’m updating my tumblr often, but I tweet quite a lot. However it has been privatized and I am going to screen through my followers and delete every unnecessary one. It is only a matter of time before I privatized my blog anyway. So goodbye open source everything sharing Internet, and hello to trying to keep everything quiet. I know I can never stop tweeting (for now anyway) so privatizing it seems like the next best option as I’ve discovered that many people I know (or do not know) actually know what Google is for. Scary.


In other news, I am in the midst of reprioritizing and reorganising my life. Wish me luck!


PS worried and nice friends/people: This is not an ‘emo’ – really gotta stop using this word - post or a cry for help, I’m just stating it as it is, a cryptic message from a person I know to uh another person I know. I have more than enough pair of shoes, I am happy! /shows happy smiley face and sings Glee songs


Happy 10 -10 -10 people! Better spend this special day wisely. Imma be at a 5-star hotel, and on a school night at that! :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the world from my side


We speak of the same world, the same community, the same people, the same situation…

…and yet our thoughts are different.

I wonder if you know what’s mine.