Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yes I finally got to watch Juno!

Was it a good movie? Well you know that there are some movies that people rave about but you find it mediocre (*cough* Dark Knight *cough*) and there are movies that make you go "Oh god why didn’t I watch this earlier, I LOVE IT!!!”…well, Juno’s the latter.

The issues in the movie are portrayed in a playful quirky manner, but true to the core.

Well basically I love the actors in it so yes I was already initially biased before watching it. Just imagine…two Arrested Development characters…and Ellen Page?!! Right, knew you were gonna explode doing that.

Anyway #hellyesellenpage!

Ellen page

I actually bought the BUST issue which featured Ellen and Alia (another favourite: hint Arrested Development?!) below. Love their freckles! And they look so…young wtf wish that would happen to me, people always say I look older than my age ever since I was 12, gahh.


Well I think we all agree that we love her. Especially since her lips have grazed those of the yummy svelte Joseph GL, whom (after Inception) all girls and guys (gay or straight) uh wants. All thought out Juno I couldn’t keep my eyes off Ellen. Not in a lesbian-sy way, but rather in a omgiwannabeyou kind of way.

Ellen page + Joseph GL 
Just wanted to share a little private insight into the deep complicated mind of Samantha.

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