Sunday, October 31, 2010

Once upon a dream

I dreamed that I had to go to school, but upon reaching I discovered that i had no socks on, forgotten about getting a uniform & still had painted black nails (as a matter of fact I just painted my nails the night before). Finally went in - though still afraid of being reprimanded - and saw a really cute guy who came to stand behind me and we touched and I was so happy, but then we had to go through this weird totalitarian regime for the schoolkids - must have being ignited by me watching the first ever Macintosh ad the night before, which reminded me of 1984 - then I heard the weirdest, most lifelike (for the lack of a more suitable word) sentence of all:

"You know in every clique there's a loner right?" *nods* "Well he's the one whose balls can't be touched. As in, you can't touch his balls."

Metaphorically it either means he's sensitive OR he's actually the big scary boss whom you can't make fun of.

Either way, I need to know where have I heard this line before in real life, cos I doubt my pretty little mind could've come out with such an intelligent insight by itself.

What a weird morning.

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