Wednesday, October 13, 2010

they made a statue of us

Life happenings:

The washing machine had been running for half an hour when I realised that I had left my new necklace in the pocket of my shorts…which was part of the load in the machine. Quickly ran to the kitchen and stopped the machine, then swilled my hands in the dirty water looking for my poor necklace.

Luckily it was still in one piece therefore you are spared from annoying groans moans complaints about how miserable my life is.


Short story extract:

The girl stared out the one-way window which stretched out the entire wall. Young people walked outside, mostly with their friends and with a smile etched on their faces. Joking, laughing, talking. Young, hip and urban. Happy, flirty, worried. Each and everyone different and yet, similar. What really differentiates them and her is that she knows. That the world is not the same as they think it is. That everything is not the same anymore. Their lives would soon need to be changed, as hers did. She nodded in quiet agreement to that. They would soon see.



Yes I know it’s an ugly poster, I take full credit for this because (excuses excuses) it is due to my lack of time (and inborn designing talent). However the main point is that you HAVE to come for the screening because this is THE classic movie of all time. And yes I want to see your face and shake your hand (if I haven’t).

Psycho Poster

The poster says it all. See you there!


A little musing to end the night:

Alone in the middle of the crowd. Crying watching a comedy. Heart broken watching a couple in love.

Irony in its deepest sense is the truth for most of us confused souls.

Don’t bother asking if you do not understand.

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