Sunday, November 28, 2010

peter pan the musical at sunway lagoon

Yesterday was a long tiring day, which was why the boy and I are just lounging at home the whole of today resting to rejuvenate ourselves…for a trip to the hills tomorrow. Yay! We spent the whole day at Sunway Lagoon with the free tickets won from the Sunway xtreme Challenge, also at Sunway Lagoon and also by AMBP, who sponsored us Peter Pan’s tickets. Here’s a Behind The Scenes with Peter Pan I did last week together with other bloggers.

First I’d like to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the activities at Sunway Lagoon. No they are not paying me or putting a gun to my head to say this, but I like that they have so many new interesting stuff going on! The best is if you get the All Park ticket, because you can go on everything, including the Extreme Park which I loved the most because they had ATV rides, kayaking, archery, shooting range with paintball pellets and the huge trampoline. Which was painful!

Other rides are so-so, not that scary but then we have people who are scared of even those rides, so yeah. ;)

Come 7.30pm we were on our way to the musical! Can’t say that I.had really high expectations for the show, but wait til the end.

As usual, drinks and foodstuff sold in Sunway Lagoon is killer, so better stock up your tummy before entering.

People were told to be on time, but Malaysians being Malaysians came late, which put the show on hold for 20 minutes waiting for all the Datuks Datins to come.

The show finally started with a bang, and there were even snow falling down at the first scene! Love that we as audience are able to interact with them, and feel what Wendy and the gang is feeling? ;)

Here are the dancers, awesome bunch very energetic doing splits the whole night!

Wendy fixing Mr Darling also known as Captain Hook’s shirt. It’s a tradition for the man playing Captain Hook to be playing Mr Darling too.

I love Smee! He’s the most energetic of them all, and can sing really well too. Wendy and Peter Pan can sing, but I feel can improve on their enunciation. And sometimes the volume is so loud and overpowering that I couldn’t help but wince.   

Here are more pictures of the colourful one-hour show. Go to for more information regarding the musical. It’s only until January 2nd so better hurry and get those tickets.

It ended with a pretty finale of snow and bubbles and lots of waving. We could all go up to take pictures with the cast too, lovely! Spot me and the boy!

After that we took the train back (we had a train to the amphitheatre too) and walked around the night park for a bit. See this cute animal!

Some night view of Sunway Lagoon at night.

Lovely pictures I know thanks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a different kind of life

Funny how some things like fluff on your newly washed clothes come into you life uninvited and disrupting a peaceful life where things like fluff on newly washed clothes should be made illegal got me thinking too. Having watched loads of really good movies these few days, which includes The Butterfly Effect (and it was so damn good – mostly I mean the storyline). It made me think of the decisions you make in life. Surely we all have some things we would like to change, some past choices we would not have chosen had we the opportunity once more. I for one do not have many things that I would like to change, but those that I want to would perhaps have changed my life so much that perhaps I wouldn’t be where I am now, sitting here typing these random musings of where I could have been. Or perhaps had I made those different decisions, I would have also ended up here on this chair, wondering where would I be had I made a different decision (than the different decisions I’m speaking about). It all goes in a circle you see? I believe that sooner or later you still end up where fate wants you to be, regardless.

For example, I would perhaps change the decision I made to stop hanging out with with you once I discovered that a close friend of mine had a crush on you. It was a heroic attempt to choose ‘friend over boy’ and I still wonder until this day whether we would have been something else had I just gone on with the flow. And whether me and my friend would have stopped being friends, instead of the good friends we are now. Of course she doesn’t know what happened, and some things aren’t meant to be told. It’s a whole chapter in my life which I am not eager to experiment, as I am happy with the way things are now and there’s no point stirring water under the bridge.

Another would be whether I would change the decision I took in not helping out a friend the other day. The issue wasn’t whether to help her out, more of me taking the effort to be able to help her out (it’s not a one day thing) and the decision I made was that I couldn’t and wouldn’t have the time to. It would have been different had I chosen to, that’s all I can say. But if you were to bring me back to the past and asked me to choose again…I can’t say that I would change my decision.

Like I said, I don’t regret most of my decisions. However I still sometimes wonder what would it be, had I taken a different road that day, had I decided to say yes instead. I believe that decisions, once made cannot be altered, and that the smallest of them form a path into what will you become in the future. Therefore it is not a surprise that most of us wonder a second chance would mean. A different kind of life. A different kind of hope.

Life’s fleeting glances gives most of us not a second to rethink


Ouch now I remember why I wanted to stay off the computer. My wrist hurts bad!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

peter pan the musical (behind the scenes)

Pre-script: I’m learning to watermark my pictures because of some hooha copyright issue which happened a few days ago which made me realise how everything put up on the Internet is automatically public properly, whether you like it or not. Anyway the point is that I have to watermark my pictures because otherwise it’s gonna be Property of Lim Ah Meng* by next Friday. BTW kudos to owner of for removing my posts so quick after I sent you a message, and if you are reading this please learn to let the blog owners know before posting their posts, and also to link them up if you do. Otherwise, most bloggers would find it an offence because of their unappreciated hard work.

*for illustration purposes only

Alright this post can finally start! *clears throat*

I just love year ends! School holidays, Christmas, presents, parties with friends and family…now there’s another reason to celebrate December!

Sunway Lagoon is bringing the first West End production to Malaysia, and it’s our classic nostalgic Peter Pan! Who hasn’t watched Peter Pan please raise your hand…and yes we see no hands raised. The Peter Pan Musical will run from 26th November 2010 until 2 January 2011, and you can go to for more information because chop chop less words and more pictures!

 Here is Mr Aaron from Sunway Lagoon explaining to us about the show.

Less Known Facts:
#1 This is the FIRST time collaboration between a Malaysian company and West End.

A jubilant Peter.

#2 This is the FIRST time Sunway is organizing a performing theatre show.

Wendy is flying…or wants to?

#3 Sunway is planning for more shows after this, perhaps ranging from classics like Cinderella to International acts like Cats? I personally would not want to miss those!

The really friendly-in-real-life Smee!

#4 This production cost is around RM1.2 million.

Here’s Captain Hook! Really tall person…

#5 Rehearsals only took place 10 days ago right after the cast flew here from London. However the pre planning took place many months ago.

Then we had some interacting with the main cast, who were all really nice and friendly!

#6 There will be a Christmas setting with REAL SNOW over the audience…like how exciting is that? The Amphitheatre (where they are showing) is a wide open space but covered, so it will be cool during the show (which is at night). Hopefully it won’t rain or I' imagine it’ll be really messy… :/

Please ignore my silly expression, so happy like small kid only.

#7 As all live performances, this is an interactive show, therefore audience response are more than deeply encouraged. Laugh, scream, shout and clap all you want, the cast loves it more than ever!


I love Peter’s side profile…he has a really nice sharp nose! Which is something I don’t have :( And LJ (she’s Wendy) has really gorgeous grey eyes, absolutely piercing. I’m not saying this only because we’re sponsored by Sunway Lagoon and AMBP, but the main cast are really nice people and they are obviously working hard to bring you a show you can only dream of watching if you are at UK, so yes, this show is worth checking out for you as an adult or teen or child, if not for the show then for the really lovely cast members. Apparently the backup dancers (whom we could not meet today unfortunately!) are really good, and they are of mix nationality and includes 5 Malaysians!

I have a video preview of the show (the lovely casts did a 10 minutes show for us) and it’s uploading now so it’ll probably be up by morning (it’s 2am now). For now you can probably check out my facebook album.

*UPDATED* Here it is!

Tick tock tick tock goes the clock; can’t wait for the show!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

life lessons #234

Now that I've handed in the last assignment for this semester, it's time for Samantha's Life Little Lessons to continue! Based on experience and observation of people around me, these are precious knowledge that everyone should read about.

*Cough* First up, let me tell you a story about a girl who had one ringgit change in her other bag but was too lazy to put it into her purse because she thought, "What can I do with one ringgit?"

Fast forward to one hour later when she is stuck in uni with one sens left in her phone credit and she has to top up, but the machine only accepts exact change and she wants to buy RM10 like she always does or else she will overspend but that's another topic for another anyway the thing is this really intelligent girl checked her purse and there were a couple 50s and 1s...the 1s which amounted to exactly RM9 on the dot.

Lost and confused, the girl looks around her in vain for friends that might have spare change. The blasted machine doesn't even accept coins! Not like she had any but still.

Then she went to the ATM because apparently you can buy top up from there but the machine was spoilt and had a pop up that made it impossible to see the screen, so she clicked a random button and something happened and she was scared so she clicked another random button and the process (whatever it was) was terminated. Poor girl had to go buy orange juice even though she didn't really want it to get change (though truth be told, it's quite yummy but not as good as my all-time favourite Twister hurhur) but I digress. So anyway she got the change and top up and everything was fine again.

Lesson learnt: Take with you all the small change you have!

Now onto Samantha's Life Little Lessons: Short Tip of the Day
Never eat egg sandwiches in your car WHILE driving because you WILL spill eggs all over, and the baby roaches will be so happy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

imma harrypotter mania

After Friday, I am going to reread all my Harry Potter. And then the movies.

Oops did I mention that already?

I'm going to miss them when the last movie ends. 

Monday, November 15, 2010


So what’s new, what’s new.

I’ve decided that I want to be a Secret Angel when I grow up. I also want to be in a movie series like Harry Potter, and be gorgeously skinny like Emma Watson. My first book is going to come out next year, or 2012 and it’s a compilation of short stories. I’ve already written a couple and the rest I will start on after I hand in my last assignment this Friday.

What else what else.

I was very flattered yesterday. Today was Harry Potter day, and I enjoy watching the Deathly Hallows Part One and you should go watch the movie regardless of whether you’re a fan of the books or the movies series. Tomorrow is part shopping for formal clothes day, and also part Harry Potter day cos I will be finally watching the 6th movie, which I have not watched believe it or not.

I have to go for piano now even though I really want to sleep in this rainy weather.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

qotd #1

"Everybody feels like that to some extent," I said. "They're trying to express themselves and it bothers them when they can't get it right." -Toru Watanabe in Norwegian Wood.

Friday, November 12, 2010

new wig

So the other day I was waiting for the boy to pick me up from my apartment. I was waiting by the guardhouse and in a few minutes I saw his car coming up, went past me and turned slightly into the guardhouse area. I thought he was doing a 3 point turn and so I started walking towards him…the guard raised the pole bar and he drove straight past without a second look at me.

My own boyfriend couldn’t recognise me.


So far this is the only presentable picture I’ve taken with the new ‘wig’, so there. And yes, I’ve no longer the blondish brown hair which was the epitome of a ‘disastrous hairdo left too long to fester ugly and scary black roots’ anymore.

Right now I’m enjoying a quickly-melting frozen honeydew bubble tea.


Yes it was from yesterday. And fyi I hate the black pearls.

discovering neverland at sunway lagoon

When I first got the email about AMBP giving out free invitations to Peter Pan The Musical, I knew that I would have to make it, by hook (pun intended) or by crook.

Imagine, seeing Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and all on stage to relieve my childhood memories of never wanting to grow up…it would be a lovely end-of-semester present, thank you Sunway Lagoon!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the Grand Premiere and get to mingle with the stars and take photos because of work, but I am definitely setting a date to go on the second screening on the 27th!

Malaysia’s first prestigious London West End Theatre musical production is open at Sunway Lagoon from 26th November 2010 until 2nd January 2011 from 8pm onwards, so no worries about missing it as they will be here for two months!

 Image from :

“I’ll bring you on a never ending journey beyond your wildest dreams.”

maroon 5 can have their hands all over (me)

My all favourite site allmalaysia is giving out *gasp* the latest CD of my all-time favourite band?! There’s no better reason for them to give it to me then, because I’ve been a fan of Maroon 5 since I ever started listening to pop songs (that’s when I was 13 but it’s a different story) and Adam Levine is one my secret hunk fantasy *blush*.
"I love Maroon 5 because they’ve been with me since the beginning of my life’s journey of pop music discovery."

Misery no more!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

life in single picture motion #1

Finally salvaged some old pictures from my phone.

#1 Sushi - I realized just how much sushi we uni students eat on’s like our stapler food. Also applicable to when going on dates…


#2 Sunshine on a dreary day - It was an even lovelier sight in real life.


#3 I love cakes! Had such a craving the other day that I went down to Secret Recipe and brought a book along…the waitresses there were so nice!


#5 Top from FOS, skirt from Cotton on, Bag from Teetoo, the rest are accessories from Mr DIY, Diva & mom’s old bag straps. Yes I looked rather pinkish that day.


#6 Wind dancer @ Secret Garden


#7 Really ages ago, also at the same place.

#8 Adorable pups!  


what do they know?

He would be wearing glasses, has a huge arm or legs tatts, slightly longer than usual hair (but not until the shoulder-length kind!), has great taste in music, secretly writes romantic poems, stubbornly refuses to watch romance but accompanies me to, nonetheless, once a year on Valentine's Day, plays basketball and reads a lot. His everyday dressing would be three quarter-length cargo pants and a cute slogan tee shaping very obvious broad shoulders, puts on earphones everywhere he goes but leaves them off when I'm there, and has two older sisters. He would not have enough money to bring me on holidays but learns to cook me dinner on our anniversary, much to the surprise of his guy friends and charming his girl pals. I love it when he puts his arms around me.


PS: Back to reality, hearts you my tubby! You are almost everything, though soon you'll be getting glasses I know it wahaha!