Friday, November 19, 2010

life lessons #234

Now that I've handed in the last assignment for this semester, it's time for Samantha's Life Little Lessons to continue! Based on experience and observation of people around me, these are precious knowledge that everyone should read about.

*Cough* First up, let me tell you a story about a girl who had one ringgit change in her other bag but was too lazy to put it into her purse because she thought, "What can I do with one ringgit?"

Fast forward to one hour later when she is stuck in uni with one sens left in her phone credit and she has to top up, but the machine only accepts exact change and she wants to buy RM10 like she always does or else she will overspend but that's another topic for another anyway the thing is this really intelligent girl checked her purse and there were a couple 50s and 1s...the 1s which amounted to exactly RM9 on the dot.

Lost and confused, the girl looks around her in vain for friends that might have spare change. The blasted machine doesn't even accept coins! Not like she had any but still.

Then she went to the ATM because apparently you can buy top up from there but the machine was spoilt and had a pop up that made it impossible to see the screen, so she clicked a random button and something happened and she was scared so she clicked another random button and the process (whatever it was) was terminated. Poor girl had to go buy orange juice even though she didn't really want it to get change (though truth be told, it's quite yummy but not as good as my all-time favourite Twister hurhur) but I digress. So anyway she got the change and top up and everything was fine again.

Lesson learnt: Take with you all the small change you have!

Now onto Samantha's Life Little Lessons: Short Tip of the Day
Never eat egg sandwiches in your car WHILE driving because you WILL spill eggs all over, and the baby roaches will be so happy.

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