Friday, November 12, 2010

new wig

So the other day I was waiting for the boy to pick me up from my apartment. I was waiting by the guardhouse and in a few minutes I saw his car coming up, went past me and turned slightly into the guardhouse area. I thought he was doing a 3 point turn and so I started walking towards him…the guard raised the pole bar and he drove straight past without a second look at me.

My own boyfriend couldn’t recognise me.


So far this is the only presentable picture I’ve taken with the new ‘wig’, so there. And yes, I’ve no longer the blondish brown hair which was the epitome of a ‘disastrous hairdo left too long to fester ugly and scary black roots’ anymore.

Right now I’m enjoying a quickly-melting frozen honeydew bubble tea.


Yes it was from yesterday. And fyi I hate the black pearls.

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