Sunday, November 28, 2010

peter pan the musical at sunway lagoon

Yesterday was a long tiring day, which was why the boy and I are just lounging at home the whole of today resting to rejuvenate ourselves…for a trip to the hills tomorrow. Yay! We spent the whole day at Sunway Lagoon with the free tickets won from the Sunway xtreme Challenge, also at Sunway Lagoon and also by AMBP, who sponsored us Peter Pan’s tickets. Here’s a Behind The Scenes with Peter Pan I did last week together with other bloggers.

First I’d like to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the activities at Sunway Lagoon. No they are not paying me or putting a gun to my head to say this, but I like that they have so many new interesting stuff going on! The best is if you get the All Park ticket, because you can go on everything, including the Extreme Park which I loved the most because they had ATV rides, kayaking, archery, shooting range with paintball pellets and the huge trampoline. Which was painful!

Other rides are so-so, not that scary but then we have people who are scared of even those rides, so yeah. ;)

Come 7.30pm we were on our way to the musical! Can’t say that I.had really high expectations for the show, but wait til the end.

As usual, drinks and foodstuff sold in Sunway Lagoon is killer, so better stock up your tummy before entering.

People were told to be on time, but Malaysians being Malaysians came late, which put the show on hold for 20 minutes waiting for all the Datuks Datins to come.

The show finally started with a bang, and there were even snow falling down at the first scene! Love that we as audience are able to interact with them, and feel what Wendy and the gang is feeling? ;)

Here are the dancers, awesome bunch very energetic doing splits the whole night!

Wendy fixing Mr Darling also known as Captain Hook’s shirt. It’s a tradition for the man playing Captain Hook to be playing Mr Darling too.

I love Smee! He’s the most energetic of them all, and can sing really well too. Wendy and Peter Pan can sing, but I feel can improve on their enunciation. And sometimes the volume is so loud and overpowering that I couldn’t help but wince.   

Here are more pictures of the colourful one-hour show. Go to for more information regarding the musical. It’s only until January 2nd so better hurry and get those tickets.

It ended with a pretty finale of snow and bubbles and lots of waving. We could all go up to take pictures with the cast too, lovely! Spot me and the boy!

After that we took the train back (we had a train to the amphitheatre too) and walked around the night park for a bit. See this cute animal!

Some night view of Sunway Lagoon at night.

Lovely pictures I know thanks.

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Seraph said...

damnit you went? i want to =(

Chayenne said...

Hi Samantha,

Lovely pictures indeed! Was wondering if you would mind letting me use some of your pictures here to promote some charity tickets to the musical? The pictures would have the credit to your blog as you have already incorporated on them.

Would be most grateful if you can allow that.


Samantha Chow said...

sam: u still can go! :)

Chayenne: Yes of course! I can send u the pictures (orginal size, if u want), just email me at Also let me know where you'd be promoting them? Thanks ;)

Chayenne said...

Great, thanks Samantha. I'll be promoting it on Facebook -

Have already included your blog site there as a reference for the musical review :) With your permission, I would like to all pull some pictures from your post and feature them on the FB event page itself. Will leave your credits at the bottom of course. Is that OK?

As for the hi-res photos, I won't need them but thanks a lot dear!

Samantha Chow said...

Saw the page. It looks good, Chayenne! :)