Sunday, November 21, 2010

peter pan the musical (behind the scenes)

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Alright this post can finally start! *clears throat*

I just love year ends! School holidays, Christmas, presents, parties with friends and family…now there’s another reason to celebrate December!

Sunway Lagoon is bringing the first West End production to Malaysia, and it’s our classic nostalgic Peter Pan! Who hasn’t watched Peter Pan please raise your hand…and yes we see no hands raised. The Peter Pan Musical will run from 26th November 2010 until 2 January 2011, and you can go to for more information because chop chop less words and more pictures!

 Here is Mr Aaron from Sunway Lagoon explaining to us about the show.

Less Known Facts:
#1 This is the FIRST time collaboration between a Malaysian company and West End.

A jubilant Peter.

#2 This is the FIRST time Sunway is organizing a performing theatre show.

Wendy is flying…or wants to?

#3 Sunway is planning for more shows after this, perhaps ranging from classics like Cinderella to International acts like Cats? I personally would not want to miss those!

The really friendly-in-real-life Smee!

#4 This production cost is around RM1.2 million.

Here’s Captain Hook! Really tall person…

#5 Rehearsals only took place 10 days ago right after the cast flew here from London. However the pre planning took place many months ago.

Then we had some interacting with the main cast, who were all really nice and friendly!

#6 There will be a Christmas setting with REAL SNOW over the audience…like how exciting is that? The Amphitheatre (where they are showing) is a wide open space but covered, so it will be cool during the show (which is at night). Hopefully it won’t rain or I' imagine it’ll be really messy… :/

Please ignore my silly expression, so happy like small kid only.

#7 As all live performances, this is an interactive show, therefore audience response are more than deeply encouraged. Laugh, scream, shout and clap all you want, the cast loves it more than ever!


I love Peter’s side profile…he has a really nice sharp nose! Which is something I don’t have :( And LJ (she’s Wendy) has really gorgeous grey eyes, absolutely piercing. I’m not saying this only because we’re sponsored by Sunway Lagoon and AMBP, but the main cast are really nice people and they are obviously working hard to bring you a show you can only dream of watching if you are at UK, so yes, this show is worth checking out for you as an adult or teen or child, if not for the show then for the really lovely cast members. Apparently the backup dancers (whom we could not meet today unfortunately!) are really good, and they are of mix nationality and includes 5 Malaysians!

I have a video preview of the show (the lovely casts did a 10 minutes show for us) and it’s uploading now so it’ll probably be up by morning (it’s 2am now). For now you can probably check out my facebook album.

*UPDATED* Here it is!

Tick tock tick tock goes the clock; can’t wait for the show!

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Vin Tsen Gan said...

Haha Captain Hook's expression priceless!

Merryn said...

am looking forward for the Gala Premier :D

Samantha Chow said...

Vin Tsen: I caught many cute expressions of them hehe

Merryn: Hope u liked it!