Saturday, November 6, 2010

what do they know?

He would be wearing glasses, has a huge arm or legs tatts, slightly longer than usual hair (but not until the shoulder-length kind!), has great taste in music, secretly writes romantic poems, stubbornly refuses to watch romance but accompanies me to, nonetheless, once a year on Valentine's Day, plays basketball and reads a lot. His everyday dressing would be three quarter-length cargo pants and a cute slogan tee shaping very obvious broad shoulders, puts on earphones everywhere he goes but leaves them off when I'm there, and has two older sisters. He would not have enough money to bring me on holidays but learns to cook me dinner on our anniversary, much to the surprise of his guy friends and charming his girl pals. I love it when he puts his arms around me.


PS: Back to reality, hearts you my tubby! You are almost everything, though soon you'll be getting glasses I know it wahaha!

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