Sunday, December 26, 2010

a christmas picture post

Like everything else, the prelude is always more exciting and memorable than the event itself.

Midvalley giant toys decor:

The gifts I received in the office. Everything but the sock & the two candy canes hanging from it is truly mine. The amount of candy canes I’ve had this month (and unseen in this picture because it is digesting in my tummy already) is enough for two lifetimes!

My Christmas themed crudely done self-manicure. Looks slightly better in real life.

Yay we had turkey this year! More like my aunt got it, and we took part in devouring it. Actually prefer chicken meat as it’s softer and I think turkeys are grossly overpriced.

Really, Christmas is actually much more than turkey, candy canes or presents. Firsts this season: I attended a Christmas church service after being in hiatus for quite awhile, then got into a small accident just as I was leaving the area (which resulted me in having a really shitty Christmas Eve night but that’s passed), went for two Christmas food fest and most importantly realised that it’s a really shitty duty being a human being who hates most humans around her and yet am also aware that it’s a shittier life being a LONE human being who hates most humans around her.

Hope you got what I meant. Merry Belated Christmas!

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