Monday, December 20, 2010

the morning's encounter with the dratted toll booth

Since what I'm going to tell you is going to exceed 140 characters…well, that is why we are here.

The story goes like this: This morning I drove out to work and had to pass this toll. Many cars, but at least they were moving. So I headed down to the shortest TnG lane and slowly rolled towards the booth. Had plenty of time to look around and I sneeringly observed that the cars on the Smart Tag lane next to me were changing to the other lane; apparently one car did not have a Smart Tag, or it wasn't working. Watched as the driver tried to reverse and all the other cars had to follow suit, you know how it goes. Awkward awkward awkward…can't say I haven't experienced that before, but I try hard.

So anyway soon it was my turn and as I drove into the TnG booth, only did I realize with a deep shock that I had very low TnG credit left, which was why I had put a few ringgit out beside me. And being so used to drive into the TnG lane, I had done just that and did not realize until just now, as I entered the booth.

Quickly grabbed my purse and pulled out my TnG card, hoping against hope that the TnG does not need minimum credit left, as I remember that I had only RM 1 left and the toll payment was exactly that.

What went through my mind as I touched the card to the scanner, so many cars right behind me in the morning rush, was that karma does exist.

Actually, what I was really thinking about was this: "Shit shit shit shit."


Oh anyway I got through safe and sound and successfully evaded any morning death threats.

2 things to say:

Biopolymath said...

Big bear huggies! I hope you enjoy the last days of 2010.

Samantha Chow said...

you too! ;)