Tuesday, December 14, 2010

taylor's open day: dec 2010

Four years ago I had just finished SPM, and being the first child, my parents were naturally got more excited than usual looking for the best place for me to further my studies. Seems that these days it’s difficult to get anywhere without getting a degree first…

Anyway I digress. What my parents did (dragging me along, heh) was scour all Education Fairs, calling up everyone who had a child in college, doing Internet searches and dropping by all college’s Open Days to look for a perfect college, once that would cater well to what I wanted to do (which was either Business or Communications, at that point). To make a long story short, our choices dwindled to two or three colleges but after attending many colleges’ Open Days, we finally made the call to choose Taylor’s, for reasons of our own. If you do not know, I am now a second-year Communications and Media Management student (after doing Foundation in Communications) at Taylor’s and will be finishing my final year here too. Not to boast but I daresay we are one of the best you can get here in Malaysia, and our students are involved in many academic and extra-curricular activities.**

No, this is not going to be one of those simple copy paste advertorial, I will attempt to pull you into our side by reason and common sense (In fact I was encouraging all my highschool friends to ‘Come to Taylor’s’, though it’s mostly because I was new then and wanted a familiar face around). Being pretty active in Taylor’s extra-curriculars, I can safely say that inside sources have told me that Taylor’s will be having up to 20 over new courses, such as Masters in Pharmacy and more importantly, more majors in Communications such as Broadcasting, PR, Marketing, Event Management etc. I am so jealous of younger people, grr! They also might even have a Bachelor of Culinology, whoa! I guess it’s another degree for the culinary courses, but what a mouthful it is. Besides the more courses, Taylor's new Lakeside campus would surely sway even the most unconvinced parents to enroll their child in, once they have visited the campus.

So if you, my particular reader, is an SPM leaver or a post-grad student, it wouldn’t hurt to drop by the Taylor’s Open Day this weekend. Even if not to talk to the deans and lecturers or enquire about the courses, but it’s worth it just to go look at the big buildings, eat the free food, test drive an engineering student-designed car or ride the free Hot Air Balloon (10am – 12noon)...which I am going for, by the way.

Here are the details if you are interested:

Taylor’s Open Day
Date: 17, 18, 19 December (Friday-Sunday), 2010
Time: 10.00am-5.00pm
Location: Lakeside Campus*

Highlights include registration for scholarship (I myself am a Merit Scholar), talks with deans and lecturers, science of food workshops (sounds yummy!), campus tour and more.

You will also be able to save RM200 on the early registration discount. Use the money to buy new clothes for college!


**Elaboration coming soon.

Here’s the Open Day link where you can get more details, if you are still not persuaded by me ;) Or just visit Taylor’s main website at www.taylors.edu.my

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