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taylor’s open day dec 2010: a communications student’s point of view

Continuing from the previous Taylor’s Open Day post, let me tell you what you can experience as a Communications student at Taylor’s University. As I have been here for the last 3 years doing just that, I should be more than qualified to be writing about it here don’t you think so?

I have been at the Lakeside campus for about a year now (ohgawd time flies!) and so far I have not found any other local college/uni with such a grand campus. (Though I haven’t been to a certain college at Kampar which I heard was reaaaaally huge!) but I digress. First thing I did when I came to the Lakeside campus, I was impressed. Not by how far I had to walk to get to another class though heh, but seriously, it’s huge and I spend more time walking to and fro classes than being IN one.

I’ll share something special that you as future college or university student might be interested in, especially if you are doing (or want to do!) Communications: I’ll bring you for a short virtual tour around campus, alright? OK get your camera (or in this case, your scrolling mouse) and let’s march on! The following photos were taken on the Open Day on the 19th December 2010.

Known as “Communications” in Taylor’s, the majors offered here are such as Communications & Media Management (me me me!) and Journalism (under University of South Australia) and next year onwards they would have a few homegrown majors such as PR and Advertising, which gives you more specialized choices.

Here’s part of the campus:

We have Christmas spirit! This is at the main entrance of the campus, and they have set up an Engineering school-designed booth for anyone to ride on the mini car.

Walk up the stairs and you'd see a Science booth handled by Taylor's students.

And here's the Food Science Workshop booth. My sis who just finished SPM would be interested; she wants to do Food Science!

Taylor's team was the champion of the Formula Varsity Race 2010. Great job guys! (This coming from a girl who does not know a thing about building a car, but still self-indulgently claiming to be intelligent.*humbles)


 Then entering the giant Multi Purpose Hall, we see the booths manned by lecturers and Taylor's student helpers (not an easy job trust me) all working hard explaining to parents and potential students why our Lakeside should be reason enough for you to choose Taylor's you should choose Taylor's.

Moving on, we have something exciting: Hot air balloon ride! The first time I’ve seen a hot air balloon was back at the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fair or something, where it rained half an hour after we got there, and I never even got to ride on one.

I got on one with Afifah and it was quite scary once you realise you are pretty far up.

It was really hot up there on our heads, the fire was blasting every half a minute!

We didn’t get up that high, just about like that:

Couldn’t even see above Taylor’s building, but just coming up to it. Oh well.

As a Communications student, I spend a LOT of time at the library. Well it differs actually, as some people don’t and some people like me do. In my case, it is because I borrow novels from the library. Yes I don’t borrow reference books but as I said, it differs!

*Advert break”: Please join Taylor’s Book Club, we have many many exciting activities coming up! *Advert over*

Alright, here we are going up the four storeys high library.

Rows and rows and shelves and shelves of books! Here’s some boring reference books; the novels section have shifted to Level 4 FYI.

As a Communications student here at Taylor’s, you will spend half your time in computer labs. There are Mac labs and normal labs. These Macs are the latest if I’m not mistaken, with really thin keyboards and huge gigantor three-times-your-face-size screens. We use them for video-making, sound editing and photo editing. No going on facebook, people! *coughs*


So half the time we spend in the library, the other half in computer labs…where got time for lectures right?

Just kidding, we spend quite a lot of time in lecture halls too ;) Here’s Lecture Theatre 12, the largest and most impressive of all, can fit around 200 people if I’m not mistaken. Unfortunately in the one year I’ve been here at the Lakeside campus, I’ve not had a class in this LT before. It’s used mostly for larger lecture classes and events.

So after all our classes, where do we go to fill our always-rumbling tummies?

Apart from the Commercial Block with all the restaurants such as Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Old Town, Baskin Robbins (is it a restaurant?) and student-friendly (not price-wise) Starbucks, we have a new food court. Hmm it’s not really new but they’ve shifted it to the Commercial Block and…you can see from the picture below.

The food court sells chicken rice, mixed rice, stuff like that. But I don’t like the drinks, which are tinned apple, pineapple, mango etc you get the idea. Seeing that a Coke goes for RM2, you’re better off bringing water to college, but it’s entirely up to you.

And now you can see below the layout of the center and main area of the Lakeside campus. I especially love the giant green 'chess set' area, known as The Square. Would play Human Checkers on it if people were willing to humour me ;)

As a second-year student here at Taylor’s Lakeside, I feel that as with any other institution there are rooms for improvement. But besides the occasional undesirable flukes such as bad parking grounds and pricy food, the facilities and people make up for it. Not considering the various opportunities that you can gain from being here, such as joining various competitions like debate, take part in Clubs and Socities (again, Book Club has more than enough to offer you ;P), join events organised by various Schools and Societies and meet like-minded people. After all, college life is supposed to be the most fun time of your life!

*Thus ends my personal observations. Here are the more technical details of the course:*

Programmes Offered for Communications
a. Foundation in Communication
b. Diploma in Communication
c. Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Management), UniSA, Australia
d. Bachelor of Journalism, UniSA, Australia

Other Facilities:

Audio Recording Studio & Audio Editing Laboratory

Audio Recording Studio
The Audio Recording Studio is specifically designed for students to learn about audio production work. It comprises a studio and a panel control room which are built with high quality acoustic materials that creates a conducive environment for professional audio recording purposes.

Audio Editing Laboratory
The Audio Editing Laboratory has 18 workstations complete with Apple iMac and Pro-tools editing software that enable students to acquire the skills and knowledge in audio editing process.

Video Editing Laboratory
This lab is designed with the purpose of providing students with hands-on experience in video editing. It has 24 workstations which are well equipped with the latest Adobe Premier version and Final Cut Pro that are in line with the current industry practices for video editing.

Adventure Arena
This is a dedicated workspace for students to brainstorm and develop innovative ideas through guided techniques taught by experienced lecturers.

The Newsroom is a real workstation created specifically for Journalism students to experience the working environment in a news media organization.

Propassion consultation Suite.
This consultation suite is specifically designed for students to experience the real life challenge of a Public Relations consultancy.

Project Room
This project room is equipped with 16 workstation for students to work on their assignments. It is also a room equipped with tailored made table for meetings purpose.

Why Taylor’s School of Communication?

a. Holistic Communication Education
Students are exposed to a broad-based communication education encompassing all aspects including advertising, public relations, media arts, journalism and broadcasting. This holistic, learner-centred approach to student learning and progression will equip students with a solid foundation for the industry.

b. Quality Programmes
In line with the strategy of Taylor’s University in collaborating with the best partner university in its field, SOC is partnered with true pioneer in the field of communication studies – University of South Australia (UniSA). With over 30 years of experience in communication education, our partner university provides strong curriculum with in-depth understanding of local context in this increasingly globalised industry.

c. Recognition and Accreditation
Our foundation and diploma programmes are approved by the Malaysian Quality Assurance (MQA) while the degree programme are accredited by the Australian University Quality Agency (AUQA).

d. Balanced Education
SOC programmes provide a well-rounded academic education for students seeking a balance of theory and practice. The curriculum is structured to develop students with critical and analytical skills, and the ability to write, strategise, communicate and present effectively. To ensure that programmes offered are based on the latest professional standards and current practices, our partner university regularly revise their programmes of study in tandem with emerging trends in the industry. As such, our graduates are trained to be more than communication technicians, they enter the workforce as skilled strategist.

e. Career and Industrial Exposure
Learning by doing is an important part of SOC and that is why knowledge learnt in the classroom is linked to what is required in the real world. Through industrial training, students get to apply their knowledge to their prospective careers. At the same time, they gain working experience, which makes them job ready and increases their employability.

Besides industrial training, SOC organizes activities such as visitations to various
organisations and talks, workshops and seminars conducted by industry experts.

f. Industry-Standard Tools
At SOC, our commitment to providing education that encompasses excellence and all-round achievement is evident in the School’s investment in the latest hardware and software used by the industry. This allows students to unleash their creativity and to explore novel ideas.

Those who are interested to learn more are encouraged to visit the Taylor’s University Campus Day at the Lakeside Campus from 8th January to 9th January 2011, 10am to 5pm.

*Pictures without watermark are taken from Taylor's Facebook page.

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