Monday, June 28, 2010

Malacca: fav shots

Last weekend I went on a day trip to Malacca with the gang. Here are my favourite shots!
jaguar Growling
croc Snarls: Teeth and slit
group1Happy (One)
group2Happy (Two)
eve1 Sun and light girl
fidot beach In a Flash
beach jumpshotJump your way to the sky
girls Look: It’s beach day!
eve2Bubbles on a beach
phoebe-michelle Spreading your wings
eve3Joy might be mistaken for hilarity
stanMessage in a bottle
wallBubbles and a red wall
And introducing Malaysia’s upcoming latest TV Series!
TV Drama Series "Malacca the Drama"


JER YEN as The poor kampung girl from some unknown state who faces numerous challenges when looking for a job in the quiet quaint town of Malacca. She tries to be nice, but finds it difficult to mingle with her neighbours. As to why, you will know below.

STANLEY YAP as The shy musician cum state exchange student who strives for JER YEN's attention. Has family troubles especially with his rich millionaire dad.

EVE OH as The gothic rocker chick who rejects all advances to be her friend and instead lepaks alone at the nearby fishing quay. Drinks only vodka lemonade.

TER PEY WEN as The studious Malaccan girl who wants to escape from her mundane life as the smartest girl in school to be a travelling painter.

LIM EE WENN as The sweet quiet girl whose hobbies are cooking and Twitter-ing. She secretly habours a desire to be a Playboy model, but knows she would never do it.

RON TCH as The emo boy who has trouble concentrating. Cannot last a minute in conversation with anyone before closing his ears and screaming madly. People say he was accidentally hit on the head with a milk bottle as a baby.

FIDOT as The rocker boy who actually wants to be friends with EVE OH but kena rejected on facebook. He likes durian cendol. And scaring tourists at the A Famosa by popping out at them from behind walls.

Guest starring UNKNOWN GUY WHO STOOD THERE as The unknown guy who stalks the casts from his red Kancil. But seems to do nothing about it.

Or doesn't he...?

**Characters are entirely fictional. Except for the names la of course.
TV Drama Series "Malacca the Drama: the sequel"


EVE OH returns to the series as the heroine this time and we go with her on her journey to be a world class uh photographer.

Introducing SAMANTHA CHOW as a tourist who actually comes to Malacca to hunt for gold. Literally. She heard a rumour that there actually is treasure buried under the A Famosa Zoo.

TER PEY WEN cannot realize her dream of becoming a travelling painter so she spends her days blowing bubbles at tourists in Jonker Street.

RON TCH has recovered and is now a practising money collector aka Big Gangster Boss in the town of Malacca. And some say Seremban.

STANLEY YAP cannot take the rejection from JER YEN and the constant arguments with his family, so he decides to leave town to be a volunteering veterinarian.

JER YEN decides to stay in Malacca despite not having friends. She likes shopping at Jonker Street though, especially on busy weekends when there are many people around. Who ignore her when she says Hi.

FIDOT is finally friends with EVE OH on facebook! Still likes scaring tourists at the A Famosa by popping out at them from behind walls. But not durian cendol anymore after a bad diarrhoea case.

The UNKNOWN GUY WHO STOOD THERE does not make a comeback.

LIM EE WENN has accepted a Playboy modelling gig overseas. Which explains why she does not make it back in the sequel.

**Characters are entirely fictional. Except for the names la of course.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

week #one

The seven-week long semester break began on Monday, signalling the end of the first half of my degree year. I was determined to do and learn something everyday to make this a more…constructive (and less guilty!) holiday than the usual.

Therefore I will post up a picture of the ‘something new’ I learnt each day. Hopefully this will make me make full use of my time and contribute to the ultimate grand plan a.k.a. when I become an adult.

#Sunday the 13th

Shopped and bought a pair of animal-print glasses and a floral top. Both which I’ve always wanted but didn’t dare indulge myself in.

#Monday the 14th

Rice Dumplings

Learnt to cook rice dumpling from scratch. According to the ‘aunties’ which include mom and grandma, I apparently am a pro in wrapping ‘em.

#Tuesday the 15th


I went swimming.

#Wednesday the 16th

Red Shoes

I went shopping at Sunway Pyramid with my cousin & splurged on red shoes (which is actually for working at the Edu Fair this weekend) and a vintage box bag. Oh and a super cute white hairband from Forever 21, marking it the first ever item I actually bought from the store, only because it’s the only item with no double-digit price.

#Thursday the 17th

Taking my inspiration from the previous day shopping at Forever 21, I bought materials from a ‘Kedai Jahitan’ and made my own hairbands! Boy has promised to look for buyers but I got bored even after making two, so we’ll see. :)

It was also a day of tears.

#Friday the 18th

in T&G
Coffee With Nuffies

Long long day. Dyed my hair a dark brown base at Toni & Guy’s (for the 3rd time in a month!) then rushed to Heritage House for Coffee With Nuffies where I met Nuffies Xin Xian a.k.a. Fresh and Veen Dee along with Nuffnangers Adrian, Cheryl, Henry and Vince. Oh, and I had honey green tea. :D

Letters to Nuffnang
#Saturday the 19th

edu fair

Stood for 6 hours at the first day of NAPEI Edu Fair. Had to plaster both my heels because they were inflamed. And I think my legs muscles are dead. :( Typical cons of the job.

Thankfully the boy brought me to our favourite indomee burger place for dinner. And I was dropped off and picked up after work, as well as for tomorrow. So princessy I feel! ;)

#Sunday the 20th

toy story3
Went to Disneyland! :D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

dear joash,

It was past 10 in the morning and I had just forced myself up from where I had been reading in bed to search for breakfast. I was bored and decided to try on a dress my cousin gave me the day before. I went out of the room to look in the mirror when I heard my phone ring and I tottered back to my room in my new shoes.

It was actually a call of misfortune, a call I wished never had to happen.

I couldn’t believe the news I heard. My head was emptied of emotions as shock settled in. I couldn’t believe and had to call friends to confirm. I called my parents who knew your family, and they were equally shocked.

I couldn’t just sit down doing nothing. I scrolled down the list of contacts to call mutual friends and then I stopped at your name. I couldn’t believe that you would not pick up and that I wouldn’t hear your voice ever again.

I dialled your number. The automated voice said that this number is not in service. Shocked, I cried.

Dear Joash,

It sucks to know that the only distinct memory I share with you is watching the movie Sky of Love, which became our private joke of being the lamest movie of all time. It sucks to realize that I have never taken a photograph with you and only you before, despite having known each other for 2 and a half years. It sucks when I realize that we had many opportunities to meet up despite our clashing schedules but I did not take real effort. Yes we did make plans but they always somehow get pushed back at the last minute.
It sucks to know that I have been such a lousy friend, when you were all but one of the nicest people to me in college.

Dear Joash,

I will always remember the time when my mom told me that I have a surprise visitor, and guess who but you who turned up at my house  with your aunt and  a packet of Muar’s famous otak-otaks which I have always bugged you for. You were the last person I was expecting, and never once did I really expect you to get it for me even though you always promised to.  I guess I didn’t really know how good of a person you were.

It hurts to use the past tense when describing you.

Dear Joash,

I will never forget the fact that you were such a die-hard fan of sports, tennis and football. Watching the football match in the mamak, and you apologizing for screaming Goal!, shocking me. Always inviting me to play tennis with you, back in 2008. I think that you wouldn’t have wanted to miss the chance of watching the World Cup finals (I’m sorry I do not know about tennis tournaments), but that wouldn’t matter. I am only a friend, therefore I cannot imagine how your family and closer friends must feel. It sucks to know that I did not take the effort to be a better friend, knowing how good of a friend you can be.

Dear Joash,

It’s 11.35am now, and I still only half-heartedly believing that it’s true. I will never believe it I guess, until I see further proof maybe? Of what, I do not know.

The only consolation I have, and it’s all that matters, is that you’re finally Home.

Monday, June 7, 2010

xtreme challenge & happy bday hammie

Busy weekend: On Saturday I was busy winning first runner-up spot at the AMBP Xtreme Challenge with team mates Nicholas aka Hammie, Eve aka The Runner, Jer Yen and Phoebe.

For the 2873th time, Team Undead FTW! 

Team Undead

Sunday was Hammie’s birthday. As usual with our meals, we ordered too much. Told him it’s once in a year thing but I got a feeling it won’t be long before we do this again (order too much). <3 you sayang!

At Souled Out

I will be able to write more often after I’m done with my sem next Monday. Right now it’s time to crunch and munch (lunch), heh.