Friday, January 14, 2011

complete absurdity

There is just so many things that I believe in, and yet I know will be impossible to achieve. For example, getting someone who truly madly deeply loves you and treats you like the most precious jewel in the world with every need to be fulfilled. I have observed much of men who are supposed to be grown up, mature and knows of common courtesy. It however should not be a surprise that many of them have failed my observations. Imagine girls coming to the table, then standing uncertainly looking around for chairs. And the tableful of guys could just stare up at them stupidly and wait for the sky to rain blood or cows to fly. Even after they'd been told to stand up and be a man, they could just sit there and not do anything.
I wonder how can they do such a thing, then only pretending to be a gentleman to a particular girl that they like when they are able to treat other girls like that.
Apart from the topic of 'men' friends, I do not want a love slave, yet I still want to be one of those Disney princesses, much adored and loved by a Prince whom I imagine is by their side at all times, loving them forever and ever. To listen and act exactly what I want them to, though it may not be what I said.
If you don't get what I mean, it's because you have not grasped the 'When the girl says No, she actually means Yes, but there are times when she really just means No...' Guide To A Woman's Mind.
Oh gawd, being human is so annoying.

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lynette cheng said...

hi sam, your blog is really pretty. :)

Samantha Chow said...

Thanks girl :)