Monday, January 3, 2011

f is for find a way to die... 'fraid not, ma'am

I'm convinced that I do not only have Costochondritis, but I also have a chest ailment that is showing symptoms that Costo is not supposed to have.

For example the doctor said that food does not affect Costo pain, as it is only the stomach that produces gastric. But the pain that I experience is a stabbing chest pain, usually just right after I swallow only particular food stuff like chocolate (bars, muffins etc), kiwi fruit and right now, non-spicy tom yam mihun. I don't have problem with wantan mee though, though I have not had rice in the past few days so I don't know about that.

I have also finished one cycle of medicine and have renewed my prescription, but so far it is only getting worse.

The thing that makes me upset is that I wanted to go see the Mid Valley doctor but they didn't let me in because I did not have my medical card. The stupid thing I must've left in the pocket of my shorts from yesterday! I am so angry, depressed, sick, in pain and I want to slap and punch people right now because everyone else is obviously not in pain while I have been suffering 24/7 NON STOP for the past SEVEN DAYS!

I do not want to keep complaining, I know that my family, boy and twitter people are getting bored of hearing 'chest pain here pain there pain', and I'm tired of telling people too. But I have a feeling that IF it is NOT Costo but something else (too?), and if it is not resolved soon, I will just die.

And I've always wanted to die peacefully in my sleep, not die clutching my heart in the middle of a mall. Besides, I haven't gone to Krabi or Bali, so it is not possible for me to die now.


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