Sunday, January 2, 2011

nye 2010

Amazing New Year’s Eve. Italiannies with the friends (unfortunately the food items the boy and I chose which was the set was really lousy and so not worth the price. Three days later I still cringe thinking of the money I spent for food like that), then a 2-hour jam to i-City. And we reached there JUST IN TIME: car went in the parking area then poof poof poof the fireworks came on. And every car just stopped where they were and people just came out and watched the fireworks.

Just lovely.

Risotto & salmon salad = RM58++. Totally not worth it, especially the risotto.  

This picture reminds me of the Big Bang

Love the colourful trees

  Yellow bells

And the grand icicled Christmas tree…

i-City is a lovely place to go…if you haven’t been there before and not on NYE. Of course I’m talking about going to look at the colourful trees and of not the general tech shops there.

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