Monday, January 10, 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race: Burpzilla!

Do you know what I do most of the time?

Whether it be sleeping, walking around aimlessly or just dreaming into space, most of the time my mind is working very hard thinking about…what to eat next.

I dream of food…

When I just had breakfast, I’ll be thinking about lunch plans. When I just had lunch, I’ll start planning where to go for dinner. When it’s dinner…okay you get the idea.

Yes I’m always so hungry I can eat a horse

I love going to new restaurants and trying their best/recommended dishes as I believe every restaurant has its specialty. I’ve been wanting to start my own food blog for ages (haven’t found the time) but I’ve got a lot of food pictures in store! Check out two of my latest posts here and here for yummy looking foodie pics found in my blog.

However even with all my food hunting online and in food magazines, I’ve always had trouble finding the places (due to my very bad sense of direction). Now with the new Maxis Finder301 Application, you can easily find information on food, restaurants and more!

Finder301 has the largest food listings in Malaysia, and you can get phone numbers, addresses, food reviews and even a map (yay!). Find out more here:

But there’s no point for you to have a smart phone and this application without a data plan… just like me I have to depend on free wireless wherever I go to tweet, it’s so troublesome. So there’s the Maxis Wireless Broadband for both you and me to stay connected:

Now back to the foodie topic: I was so so so excited when Nuffnang announced that they are having the Om Nom Nom contest! I quickly gathered a team and boy, are we a foodie-loving team! First we have Li May the monster-eating girl who eats more than me but still manages to stay super skinny. Next we have Donny whom is obviously a food-lover as you can see that he authors a food review blog! Then we have Nicholas who is also a foodie (that’s why he likes following me on Penang eating trips, and why I call him Tubby :P) and ‘wallops’ everything I can’t finish.

Maxis Om Nom Nom Race
We’d be Nom-ing our way to Hong Kong!

And last but not least we have *drumrolls* ME, of course. Duh, if you do the maths it’s obviously me. It’s like the Mary’s father had 4 daughters trick question…but I’m going out of topic.

One of my favourite quotations is that I live to eat, as I had inherited my family’s Chinese genes. And my particular family is a very food-friendly one; we never miss a meal and would not mind going to very far off places just to try their specialty. Once we’re there we’ll always evaluate and comment on everything: the food, ambience, time it took to come and whether we’ll come back. I am truly my parents’ daughter as I now too learn to enjoy food and not minding paying more for good food. With all my crazy eating sprees and binges, it's a wonder I can still fit in an M size tee.. (though some clothes cutting are crazy, pfft don't wanna talk about it)

What’s the race about? Imagine Amazing Race Food Edition! I love joining races (I joined the Taylor’s Mass Colympics Amazing Race 2010 in November and Sunway Xtreme Challenge 2010 in August), and to combine it with the magic F word, it’s just my dream race!

In the Om Nom Nom challenge, our team will go to yet unknown restaurants to review their best dishes. Using the iPhone 4, the Finder301 application and Wireless Broadband by Maxis, we’ll be given clues to find those restaurants then blog about it live, so be sure to follow our blogs, twitter and facebook as we’ll be um updating live. We’ll be posting the reviews in ALL our blogs, so that our individual followers (ahem stalkers in my case) can read all.Check out Burpzilla’s introduction posts here:

> Donny's Post
> Li May's Post
> Nicholas's Post

Hope to see you in the race! Meanwhile I’m gonna go think what to have for tea…

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