Saturday, March 12, 2011

march 11 2011

When I got the text from my boyfriend telling me about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I was alone in the Subang apartment. Internet-less, TV-less and very much Twitter-less. I actually got quite frightened, especially when he told me Malaysia was going to get hit by tsunami at 6.49pm (which turned out to be untrue). My parents were very near the Penang coastline and I couldn't stop worrying about my friends, family and everyone else I knew who are everywhere around the world, possibly alone like me?

All sorts of ideas and worries came into my mind. Would we be able to survive if an earthquake hit KL, or if tsunami waves were to engulf our tall buildings? Will chaos reign ala 2012 and people run helter skelter away to god knows where just to find a familiar face? Would I lose all my friends? Would it mean that the past 20 years spent collecting items, clothes, mementos, prizes, Twitter followers, love letters, money, the latest gadgets mean nothing to the waves that might sweep uninvited into our lives and homes? Will anyone actually care that you scored 100 in the Physics test you took 3 years ago, or that you got a High Distinction in a course you took last year?

Would all our hard work, our sweat and tears and shed blood mean nothing to Lost and Death?

It would be a good time to sit back and re-evaluate your life and what matters most to you. Think of Japan and other countries hit by natural disasters and wars and other terrible things: did you think that you might not be able to return to your bed when you woke up this morning?

I want to be ready for Death when it comes to pick me up.

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Divemuster said...

Perhaps you could dispell some of your fears-of-the-moment if you look at those news/rumours in a factual angle rather than simply believing everything you hear.
One of my CIOs told us to always challenge information hand. If it cannot withstand the challenge then it is not of any use.
How and what are effective questions challengers.

Jeryen said...

So true!

Im constantly thinking about spending all my hard earned money to live my life to the fullest.

AHHHHH...miserable, kan kan?