Tuesday, March 8, 2011

are you truly a shopper?

Last Friday I was invited to the media preview of the new online reality series, the first of its kind in Malaysia: Truly A Shopper.

The show has a truly interesting concept and I would love to join if not for the fact that I am loaded with work and assignments :( What contestants of this reality show would do is simply (and happily I guess) to shop.

Yes, they give you cash and you go out and buy. Things and clothes and all. And that’s not all: the most skilful shopaholic will walk away with RM10,000 cash to spend in more clothes as well as RM5,000 worth of prizes, which I can only imagine is more gorgeous stuff.

If you don’t like shopping, well, just share this with your girl friends. I’m sure they’ll love you the more for it!

Here’s a taste of what to expect, as we the media got to experience what the show contestant would go through. But first some very important people to introduce:

Producer Eugene Wong explaining to us what the show is about:

What you need to do is actually attend the audition on 12 March 2011 at Fahrenheit 88 and the judges will select 48 potentials before the next round of public voting to choose the 12 “Shoppers”. The final 12 will undergo 6 tasks from April to June 2011 that challenge their shopping skills and test their budget, strategy, discount, taste and fashion sense to their utmost limit to win the ultimate prize and title of the ‘Truly A Shopper’. Each week is important as contestants can be eliminated and only 4 Shoppers will qualify for the final task.

All these tasks will be judged by two stylo-milo judges:
1. Gillian Hung, President of the Malaysian Official Designers Association (MODA)

Gillian Hung

and Benjamin Toong, well-known catwalk and stylist guru now working at the Amber Chia Academy.

Benjamin Toong Profile pic

The two lovely hosts for the show are Belinda Chee and Hansen Lee.

We were invited to partake in a 30-minute taste of what a Shopper would go through. We were each handed an envelope with RM160 worth of vouchers and the task was to get accessorized for a night out, complementing whatever you were wearing at the moment. The top 3 would get to double their vouchers.

I actually got top 3.


Okay my hair’s abit funny but I hadn’t had time to make it up properly!
Here’s what I bought to jazz up my outfit for a night out.

I also bought a white studded clutch but I don’t have a picture of it.
Now you know why I’d really love to join Truly A Shopper! It’s bad news for me but good news for you (because you’ll have less one more competitor hmm?!)

For more information about the competition or to RSVP for the audition, check out http://www.trulyashopper.com/

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