Thursday, May 19, 2011


When you take a not too careful sip of hot Milo, chances are you will scald your tongue. The aftermath is more annoying than really painful, but it’s long-lasting; eight hours later you can still feel the numbing uncomfortable scalding ache. Like nursing a broken relationship that  you know will never mend, or in a fit of anger blurting the wrong thing to your best friend, some things you will discover with an painful ache in the depths of your heart, you can never ever truly recover from. The things in question may not be on purpose, like the accidental scalding of the hot drink on your tongue, but nonetheless has already happened. It may be the fates of Heaven or it may be pure incidental, but nevertheless has come to pass no matter how much you wish it never did. No matter how much you pray for time to go back to just days before, or for people to really take back their words, for relationships to mend perfectly and not leave a scar…it will never happen. One may wish with all their might, pray the entire day, vow to do good, just so that things will go back to the way it did before, but deep down inside one knows the sad truth.

Why do people do the things they do? Why do we make one another upset? Why do we say angry things when we sometimes don’t mean it? Why do we ironically want the ones who don’t love us and ignore the ones who do? Why do human beings even want? What is the point of giving love when it can be freely rejected?

What happens when you’re stuck and don’t know how to go on? What happens when, despite having a lousy time you actually don’t want to go on?

It is a sad day when one wakes up to find all their hopes and dreams missing.

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