Tuesday, May 31, 2011

fthat me!

Do you own an Android phone and wish for a social application to locate your friends, keep up with events, send and receive messages for free and get directions to far off places?

Well the solution is here with the Fthat app!

A little background on the project: Five Taylor’s Bachelor of Computer Science students namely Tey Pok Lin, Sarmad Sangi, Yoon Jin Park (Dennis), Goh Pui Leng (Derrial) and Lee Khuan Yew worked with their mentor, Ms. Aidora Abdullah to collaborate with Celcom AxiataBerhad for the Mobile Application Development Project. Therefore the Fthat application was developed!

Fthat is an Android-based mobile application that allows users to locate their Facebook friends and keep up with Facebook events around them, send and receive messages for free, and get directions via Waypoint.

On the 12th of May 2011, Fthat presented their business model and mobile application to a panel of judges from Celcom and they were all amazed at the quality of the application and the students’ presentation skills. Some of the comments include “All apps do not look like students’ projects; it looks like real developers’ projects”, “Fantastic applications and presentations”, “The apps developed are better than some real developer’s work” and “The apps have very high potential for commercialization”. Woah, if only I have an Android :(

However if YOU have an Android, you can already download the beta version of the mobile application at http://fthat.tk

Here are the five Taylor’s students together with their mentor. Like their Facebook page at http://facebook.com/fthatmobileapp to give them support!

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