Sunday, May 15, 2011

the night the underaged decided to party

Night out with the two of my BFFs! Don’t worry, no terrible post-drunk photos of anyone to laugh at.

I have the most gorgeous friends with the longest legs!

I love the smell of my silver glitter clutch. Just kidding, it’s really a liqour flask.

Why is the below picture relevant? Only to show the efforts girls take to dress from top to bottom, and from the tips of our hair til the last toenail. At the end of the night, two pairs of the three above have somehow attained broken straps. Plus mine almost made me sprain my ankle, right in the middle of the streets of KL.

In other news, the funghi pizza in modestos is “teh bombz”!

Today I decided to fight for my happiness. I’ve had a most stressful and busy year and realized that there’s plenty of time for work and responsibilities when I start working. No point making myself unhappy for the sake of ‘titles’, premature responsibilities and spending time doing things that I don’t like to.

I’m sorry if I let you down but I’ve finally realized that there is no meaning to life at all if I can’t be happy doing what I do. And I’ve been unhappy plenty enough.

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Divemuster said...

PB bunnies? lol!

Nice to have time out with ppl u like. Good for you.