Wednesday, May 4, 2011

thank you!

Taylor’s Book Club and the Expert Forum from the School of Communication did a great job of organizing today’s talk by Marina Mahathir on Inspiring Young Writers in This Age of Democracy.

I would like to thank my helpful Book Club committee members: Siew Ling, Yoong Jian, Sarah, Raffi, Mei Hsuan and Daniel Thomas. Much appreciation to our lovely emcee Li May who did a great job even though preparation was last minute. Also gracious thanks to the wonderful Expert Forum committee led by Ms Usha, with Mr Winston, Mr Justin Victor, Mr Justin Lopez, Ms Ngim, Ms Catherine Lee Cheng Kiat and everyone else who helped even with the smallest things. Thank you to Student Development Hub Ms Faith and Mr Ronson for their kind advice. Special thanks to Ben who helped me with the fantabulous speech although yes I do think I would need coaching on public speaking. Thank you to all the media who attended our event (though I wasn’t aware that there would be some). But a definite infinite thanks to all of YOU who took the time off to attend our event.

And of course, for kindly attending our humble event and sharing with us practical real life experience and advice on journalism, a big Thank You to Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

More pictures to come!

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