Saturday, June 4, 2011

a little midnight reflection on regret

IF I were to go out for, let’s say, a Ramli burger now (note that it’s 1.58AM, Saturday 4th June 2011) and after crossing the road, I step across the roach-infested drain and whomp! a giant tree branch falls on my head – and I die.

Should I become a ghost with feelings and forced to stay on Earth for a bit, what would I regret?

*15 minutes later*

Looks like either it’s too late for any serious reflection, or I’ve lived my life to the fullest potential = nothing else to live for.

OK goodbye.

PS – On further thought, I’ll probably regret not having gone for a manicure before. They’re always so bloody exp and I can do a good job myself, since I don’t like anything too fancy. But I guess it’s pretty nice to be pampered once in a while.

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